28 February 2014

Lighting: An Overlooked Element of Interior Design

The key to tone and atmosphere in the home is not with your choice of wallpaper or the furniture that you pick, this is instead achieved through lighting. This is for some reason often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but it can make all the difference to how an entire home both looks and feels, and it needs to be something that you are thinking about right at the beginning of the decorating process. In film, photography and in the theatre lighting is one of the most important elements, and this is because of how it can create atmosphere, and this translates over into your home too. You could have a beautifully decorated room, but with poor lighting it will come across as dark and dingy, and the dullest room could like warm and welcoming if the right lighting is chosen.

There is an enormous range of lighting types for you to consider when you are decorating, and they can also be used as a decorative tool as well such as lamps and chandeliers. You can use spotlights to illuminate certain areas of a room and leave other bits in the dark, and this can be particularly good if you want to accentuate a painting or piece of art in one room. You will need to think about each room and the mood that you want to set in each one and then go from there, but one of the most important things to remember is to not have too many lights or light types in one room, and this is because if it is too bright it will not look good and also be very uncomfortable to be around.

Finding a Range of Low Energy Light Sources

For the widest range of light types you will need to go to a lighting superstore, Brightlightz being an example of one, and at places like this you can find all lighting types as well as decorative and outdoor lighting too. Another reason to shop at these superstores is that you will be able to get the widest range of LED lighting, which is low energy and eco friendly whilst maintaining the same level of quality. By spending time thinking about the perfect lighting solution for each room it can make an enormous impact on the room, and you will be amazed at the difference it makes and how much it can improve a room.


  1. Never thought of lighting as changing way rooms look and effect people moods , etc.

  2. Lighting is so confusing now with the changes in bulbs. My house seems somewhat dim so I need some lighting updates! Thanks for the ideas and info.

  3. I like a bright light in the kitchen. In other rooms I prefer a dimmer switch.


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