28 February 2014

Developing Style and Consistency in your Home

Have you ever noticed that some people’s homes seem to have a consistent character and style throughout? This was no accident, and it is also something that not many people know how to create. A consistent style and character throughout the home makes it feel more personal to you, and as well as this it also looks very professional and welcoming too, so it is certainly something that you should be looking to incorporate into your own home. Many homeowners have too many different styles in each room which can clash and even make it an uncomfortable place to be, so if you are currently decorating and furnishing your home then follow this tip to create some consistency throughout which will look great and impress any visitors that you have round.

The key to it is not in the floors or wall colors like you might expect, instead it is in the furniture you choose. Having the same wall color throughout the house would be boring and dull, so it is a good idea to change this in each room but choose similar colors as not to clash. When you have the same furniture however it creates style and consistency, so pick a style that you like and then use this in the lounge, dining room, bedrooms and any other spaces with furniture. To create that ‘homey’ and warm atmosphere in the home the best choice is wooden furniture, and this furniture type also brings many advantages over other types.

Different Styles of Wooden Furniture

There are all kinds of different woods and styles to choose from as well, so you are not limited and you are sure to find something that you like for your home. Oak furniture can look great with any interior design style, and when you visit oak furniture manufacturers such as Fortune Woods you will find a fantastic range. Once you have found a type and range of furniture you like then you can start to furnish your home room by room, and as long as you do not clutter the rooms by buying too much you will soon notice the consistency and style being achieved throughout.

You can then add personality to this through ornaments, family photos, artwork, rugs, plants and plenty more, and this will really look fantastic and turn your house into a home.

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  1. I have always wanted my house to look like a magazine picture and you have given me great insight on how to accomplish this goal.


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