12 December 2013

Spruce Up your Outdoor Home

From mosaic stones to zen gardens, there are dozens of ways you can redecorate your backyard without digging deep into your bank account. Spruce up the place with these unique and exciting remodeling ideas.

1: Start A Garden

Fill the air with the smell of roses and gardenias; arrange shrubs and mosses in interesting patterns; plant tomatoes and peppers for fresh veggies at dinnertime. You'll be amazed at the difference just a small plot can make in the overall atmosphere of the area.

2: Pave Your Patio

Add style and class to your backyard with beautiful patio paving. The design possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to play around with colors, shapes, sizes and patterns.

3: Build A Fun Zone

You're never too old for a treehouse or a tire swing. Sure, you can tell the kids that it's all for them, but in your heart you know the truth.

4: Create An Oasis

A mini-pond, complete with lounging rocks and shade trees, can serve as a tranquil haven away from the chaos inside your home. You don't need to travel thousands of miles to reconnect with nature, not when you build and embrace it in your own backyard.

5: Buy A Grill

Barbeques are a great way to get the whole family off the couch. No drumsticks until everyone is detached from their iPhones! You can also use your grill as an excuse to invite the neighbors over and inquire about that hacksaw you lent them three summers ago.


  1. My backyard fun zone is the big hammock under the maple trees next to the garden. The grandboys love to swing in it, and when I go out with them we lie in the hammock and I read to them or tell them nature stories and facts. I have always loved trees and a bit of lying in a hammock looking up into the trees is better for me than a day at a spa.

  2. Great tips, and yes, that treehouse is ALL MINE :p

  3. That treehouse in the picture is so cool! Great article!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions to spruce up the outside of your home. I have always hated our patio. It needs help and I am motivated to update it.

  5. I like your tree house!. It's pretty cool. The kids must like it a lot!

  6. That tree house is awesome! That is all the sprucing up I would need! Let the kiddos have the house and I will just live here :)

  7. This has a lot of awesome backyard ideas! Thanks for posting!


  8. great outdoor ideas i love making a garden every spring


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