25 September 2013

Social Work Master Degree Dreams

There is such versatility and variety awaiting those studying for masters degrees in social work in today's healthcare field. Depending on the concentration areas of the student, and their personal preferences, there are many venues looking to hire qualified professionals that hold a msw degree and accompanying license for the region. From direct client counseling and support to crisis intervention, to advocacy and supervisory positions, students with this degree, leave college and secure lucrative positions in healthcare e settings, private organizations, and community non-profit groups. This is one of the more versatile and flexible course of studies available, and many holding undergraduate degrees in social science and soft science fields are ideal candidates for this graduate work. 

To hold management roles and higher paying positions in some environments, it will be necessary to obtain masters degrees in social work or counseling, and to take license exams and provide copious documentation regarding certifications and course studies taken. This is a good thing to start early, and save all pertinent paperwork and grade reports for use later when possibly applying for an LCSW or LMSW-CC; these credentials are favored when working directly with clients in therapeutic roles or when serving as a social work supervisor. Some fully licensed social workers may be called upon to serve as a supervisory body to conditionally licensed practitioners; seasoned social workers should embrace the challenge even with hectic schedules. The benefits of providing in-the-field training and supervision to social worker proteges is multi-fold. First, they are conscientious and generally seeing to fulfill licensing requirements, hence are eager to win the approval of managers by doing a thorough and good job. Also, this is a wonderful way to instill the ethics and on-the-job skills that will behoove the social-worker-in-training, as well as the community at large when the practitioner becomes licensed and employed in the region. 

Some may choose to take such degrees and work in governmental agencies that dictate the healthcare budgets and resources for geographic regions; this is a way for social workers to share their insights into such governing boards, and to access needed resources for the overall field. Without the testimony and expertise of social workers in such organizations, public resources and community funding could dwindle. 


  1. Social workers are amazing. It takes a special person to work in this field and care. My daughter is at the point of weighing masters programs. She knows you have to have it but I think is overwhelmed by the costs and requirements. Good luck to all of those in the field and preparing to enter.

  2. When my Dad had a stroke we had a social worker come and work with him to find the best available resources. This lady was so special, she was caring and knowledgeable and thanks to her we were able to get him on the road to recovery.


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