20 July 2013

Low VA Rates for US Military Personnel

Soldiers in the United States military put their lives on the line to serve the needs of U.S. citizens. Therefore, after spending their time living on military bases, where  mortgages aren't of any concern to them, soldiers must eventually re-enter society as seamlessly as they can. The question is, what services are available to assist ex-military soldiers and veterans with the resources to build their domestic lives back up when they return home? One place for them to begin this process is Lowvarates.com.

What makes a real estate service like Low VA Rates extremely unique and helpful for military personal is that this division of the Flagship Financial Group is specifically dedicated towards helping U.S. soldiers, whether they are still involved in active duty or have since retired from the military, with the assistance they need for home loans. Low VA Rates is associated with the Military Discount Hub that is focused on military discounts and VA benefits.

VA loans are real estate loans for qualified military workers and make the home owning process much simpler for them to undergo. Conventional loans have become much more difficult to get approved for and have more aggressive terms in the wake of the financial crisis. VA loans also offer veterans with a lower interest rate than what can be offered by conventional loans. Between all of the money that can be saved, and the streamlined process, it is extremely advantageous. VA loans are one way for United States soldiers to build their future outside of military life.


  1. This is wonderful! We need to help our veterans more than we do.

  2. This is an important topic and a personal one - everything possible should be done to enable members of our military to succeed and prosper. THank you for this info and hopefully it will be of some help.


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