24 April 2013

Healthy Kids have Healthy Teeth

It is more than important for parents to realize that maintaining dental health is every bit as important as tending to other aspects of the health of their children. Dentists in Billings, MT and every other city in America want parents to start caring about the health of their children's teeth, even before their sweet babies actually have teeth in their mouths. Proper dental care begins before a baby's first tooth appears. Most parents do not realize that a baby has 20 little primary teeth that are developing in the jaw before birth.

Start Early

What does a parent do for these future teeth? The answer is simple because the only thing a parent has to do is to rub the baby's gums with a warmly damp cloth every single day. This will help to keep nasty bacteria from invading a baby's mouth. As the teeth show themselves, parents need to brush them with a tiny infant brush using water and a little bit of toothpaste. This should continue until about the age of two when a parent can teach the child how to brush on their own, but with parent supervision.

First Appointment

That very first visit for professional dental services should happen after the very first birthday. At this visit, the family dentist or a pediatric specialist will take a look at the baby's mouth, and this will happen in a gentle way so that the baby and the parent will have a positive reaction to the visit. Proper brushing and flossing techniques will be presented, and fluoride will be discussed. Other concerns will be addressed as well. The main idea is aimed at avoiding future cavities.

Preventative Treatments

At this visit, the dentist, parent and child will begin a bond that builds a foundation for healthy teeth of the child. When those larger back teeth emerge, the dentist can help seal out decay by applying a thin wash of resin to the back teeth, which is a protection that prevents future problems that are created with wandering bacteria.

Dental research has demonstrated that preventive techniques work. It is possible that little teeth may need fillings and other procedures, but these are necessary to insure that the permanent teeth have a healthier beginning. In addition, the research indicates that parents must be a partner with the dentist. This means that healthy children do not get to indulge in frequent sugary treats, and that they do get to brush and floss every single day!


  1. first cause of unhealthy teeth? western food and some kind of manifacturing process ... but let's keep the lobbies earning...it's simpler, isn't it?

  2. my son has been going to the dentist since he was one. he loves to brush his teeth.

  3. i brush my teeth every day long:D

  4. Very useful info. You can't start good Dental Hygeine soon enough with just gently rubbing the gums with a soft cloth.
    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L

  5. Any tips on how to get my 1-year-old to open her mouth, and not just suck off the toothpaste?

  6. I think it really just depends on the dentist, but ours was great! They really worked with our kids to show them the tools and how they work.

  7. It's so important to maintain healthy teeth! Otherwise, dental costs can be detrimental.

  8. Having healthy teeth is important to me. I have always made sure that everyone has healthy teeth.

    Calshondra Williams

  9. I am always fighting with my kids to get their teeth brushed!!

  10. my kids have bad teeth;-( I keep up with everything but they still bad.

  11. Great article. I agree that you should start young. My little granddaughter loves brushing and flossing her teeth and that makes me so happy. I am very lucky in that I have wonderful healthy teeth. Some people will have bad teeth even when they do take good care of them though. I don't think it is anything in particular that causes that except maybe hereditary things. I do wish more people would think about their little bitty ones and making sure they take care of their gums and teeth. :)

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