27 February 2013

Tableclothes help set the meal mood

Draping an attractive tablecloth across the kitchen, dining room or buffet table changes a simple meal into an occasion. With so many different types of tablecloths available, in a variety of sizes, styles and from as many fabrics, customers are likely to find the perfect covering for any celebration.

Chairs, as well as various tables, can also be dressed up with the right types of overlays in attractive materials such as satin, spandex and cotton. Fabrics such as cotton and satin can be draped gently across a table or chair while spandex can be form fitted to the designated item.

Customers have so many options in addition to the type of fabric for their tablecloths. Perhaps a customer has a round table and need something that fits. They can choose a similarly round tablecloth or even select something in a square shape. There are no hard and fast rules, but there is a large abundance of selection that allows customers to use their imagination to find the perfect covering for everyday use or a special occasion.

Table coverings come in several solid colors, flowered prints and so many other types of designs that are sure to appeal to anyone hoping to decorate their room or party through a table or chair covering.

Customers can also look for floor runners, picnic table style tablecloths, table skirts, taffeta crinkle sashes, embroidered pieces, damask flocking, linen napkins and so many additional items that will add flair and beauty to the room and occasion.


  1. The black & white tablecloth in the image above is lovely. I do tend to stick to more plain tablecloths though because I like a really sleek look.

  2. Yes, they do help to set the mood. We have a few that we rotate.

  3. Yep, tablecloths do set the mood for a meal and the damask one in the image looks fabulous and fits the table perfectly too.

  4. I love decorating the table. It makes it so inviting. Even if its just us.


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