29 January 2013

The Fundamentals Of Lighting

When you are building or remodeling a home, picking the right type of lighting can completely change the look and feel of the room.  Those who choose a more subdued light may be looking for a certain mood in a room, while bright lights may improve the functionality of a room.  In your home, you will most likely have all three types of the basic types of lighting.  Each of them works together to accent your home and focus the attention where you want it to be.  But before you choose the lighting for a specific room, you must understand the difference and the function behind each type of lighting.

Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is also known as general lighting.  This provides the overall light in a room.  For example, a modern flush mount ceiling light or over your kitchen table would be considered ambient lighting.  This type of lighting gives off a comfortable amount of brightness without adding glare to a room.  Ambient lighting is also necessary to help you see and walk around safely through a room or a hallway.  In smaller rooms, like closets and laundry rooms, this type of lighting may also serve as the main light in the room.  Having a central ambient lighting source in every room is a big part of having a functional light plan in your home.

Task Lighting

This type of lighting helps you perform certain tasks.  For example, you may use a reading lamp for specific light in a certain area, or puck lights under your cabinets to help you see when you are cooking or cleaning.  These lights are good for doing homework, playing games or doing other simple tasks while balancing your checkbook.  Along with lights that are hooked to your cabinets or walls, you can also use floor or desk lamps to achieve this type of lighting and provide illumination in the area you are performing your task.

Accent Lighting

This type of lightings adds drama to a room.  It can be used essentially as a decoration in and of itself.  These lights provide lighting on a specific area.  For example, you may install lamps over paintings or pictures you’d like guests to focus on.  These lights can also be used to highlight the texture of a wall, a houseplant, a sculpture, or anything else that is really important to you.  These lights are also used outdoors to highlight landscaping or patio areas.  You can use this lighting to highlight anything you’d like, but it does take up to three times as much light to be effective.

Combine The Three

A good lighting plan for a home or a room will combine the three types of lighting and make all three work together without being too bright or providing a glare.  In each room, you will likely have examples of all three types of lights in order to make the room the most functional.  You can also add accents such as candles or tea light candles to any room in order to manipulate the light and mood of the room.  Manipulating your light is a great way to change any room in your home to what you want it to be.

Article courtesy of Battery Operated Candles.


  1. I like the ideas on lighting. I think I will get some of the beautiful tea lights for my place. Thanks!

  2. This is a good summary of the variety of lighting needs.

  3. Thanks for the ideas! My 60's home lacks great lighting and I need all the ideas I can get.

  4. I love the the tea lights you display here! I love candle light and those are so cute and attractive! Thanks for the great tips

  5. wow thats really cool i like the ides of the lightning

  6. Thanks for the information - my kitchen is being remodeled and I have been thinking about lighting and how I can best choose the correct fixtures.


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