08 January 2013

Get the same Glowing, Flawless Look the Celebrities Have?

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always have glowing and flawless skin. Their late night partying, frequent flying, and constant makeup application leaves their skin looking tired, dull, and less than perfect. Their secret to always having perfect skin is airbrush makeup. In a matter of minutes, you can transform less than perfect skin into a flawless and porcelain-like look.

Makeup Artist, Tyron Macchausen uses TEMPTU on Amber Valleta for the July 2008 cover of Vogue Latin America.

One of the biggest inventions in the beauty sector is airbrush foundation. Achieving a layer of perfect skin is no longer a dream. It can be achieved using an airbrush system. This type of foundation is applied using a spray gun. The makeup will sit over the skin creating a perfect layer. Because the skin doesn't absorb the makeup, it is very long-lasting and causes minimal damage. Once you learn the application basics, it can be done in a matter of minutes since you can cover a large are of the skin in a matter of seconds. Airbrush foundation gives you a very natural look rather than looking like heavy makeup sitting on top of your face. You can build the coverage that you want when you are applying it.
Airbrush foundation is also very hygienic since you don't have to reuse sponges or brushes that accumulate bacteria over time. Over time, this kind of foundation will save you money because a little goes a very long way and you never have any waste.

Temptu is the leading brand when it comes to airbrush foundations. Their website, Temptu.com, offers a huge selection of their products. If you are new to airbrush makeup, you can purchase one of their starter kits that includes the spray gun and everything else you need to start doing your own airbrushing. You can purchase refills of the foundation, concealers, brush, and even tanning sprays to use with your spray gun. If you would like to have something to retouch your makeup when you are on the go, Temptu.com offers their REtouch products that will fit in your purse. Many people are hesitant to start doing their airbrush makeup because they think it will be too difficult. Temptu's starter kits offer detailed instructions and their website offers videos and other resources that teach you how to apply the foundation.

If you want to have beautiful and flawless skin even on the days that your skin is not looking so good, airbrush foundation will work miracles for you. Stop wasting money getting your makeup done for special events and occasions. Invest in an airbrush foundation starter kit and you will be able to do your own makeup in half the time.

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