14 December 2018

How to Stay Healthy During Christmas?

The holiday season is the most exciting time of the year when people find time from their hectic, daily schedules and enjoy their lives and spend time with their families. During Christmas, you are free from your office work and can spend time travelling, eating rich foods, and shopping. But for some, it is a tough time to stay fit and healthy. You take in extra calories and find that exercise and rest are missing from your daily schedule. So, staying healthy is even more important during Christmas.

Follow these tips to stay healthy during Christmas:

How to Stay Healthy During Christmas?

Christmas is a Time of Indulgence So Cut Yourself Some Slack

The holiday season keeps everyone busy and people often forget to take much-needed rest due to the joy and excitement of Christmas shopping and other related activities. But it is very important that you cut yourself some slack and get as much rest as possible. Getting proper sleep is crucial to feeling your best.

It’s Okay to Indulge One or Two Days Per Week

Things get busy during Christmas for most people and their schedules get hectic. The thing is, you can indulge one or two days per week and still stay on track for the most part. You simply need to make sure that throughout the rest of your week that you'll be able to find time to rest, to exercise, and to eat healthy so you can stay energized.

How to Stay Healthy During Christmas?

Light Walk the Day After Boxing Day and Get Other Family Members Involved

Don’t forget to exercise during the holidays. Although you may not find much time for it, a light 15-minute walk around the neighborhood after Boxing Day can do wonders for your mood and take the stress off. Throw in five minutes of other light exercises so you get all the major muscle groups. It is also recommended that you get other family members involved in this routine. In this way, you will be spending time with your family as well as performing an activity which is very important for your health. This can boost your motivation to stay healthy over Christmas as well because you can socialize at the same time! Of course, if you’re ready to do something a bit more involved, there are some gorgeous hiking trails in Iowa that are simply a must! 

How to Stay Healthy During Christmas?

Get Back on Your Exercise Routine Gradually Over the Next Week

As mentioned above, you might not have the time to stick to your routine workout during Christmas. You might not even have the time to complete a full workout. A solution to this is that you need to make use of small slots of time you have during the day so you can get back on your exercise routine gradually over the next week. By being flexible and fitting in regular, short workouts, you can stay healthy even when you cannot complete your normal workout routine. If you have a personal fitness trainer, then it is highly recommended that you ask for their advice.

Staying healthy during Christmas can be a challenge but it is possible if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Make sure you get your rest and try to maintain some type of routine. You will have a stress-free Christmas if you do.

18 November 2018

Thoughtful, Stress-Free Gift Giving

Thoughtful, Stress-Free Gift Giving

When in need of inspiration during gift-giving season, focusing on thoughtful presents that align with the personalities and interests of your intended recipients can be a surefire way to delight even the hard-to-buy-for friends and family on your list.

If you need a little extra help this holiday season, though, these ideas curated by the experts at Macy’s can help you hand out on-trend, versatile gifts.

“The holidays are our favorite time of the year,” said Durand Guion, group vice president, Macy’s Fashion Office. “As the gift destination, we believe in the wonder of giving and are excited to help our shoppers find the perfect gifts. Our fashion directors have highlighted the best selection of fashion, beauty and home with trendy pieces that are not only versatile but also inspiring, whether they’re for gifting, dressing or entertaining.”

Find more thoughtful gift ideas that can make your loved ones smile at macys.com/gifts.

Gifts for the Home Decorator

For the Home Decorator

Bring the holiday cheer home this season with cozy throws and decorative pillows that are perfect for gathering around the fireplace. A variety of options are available, including a Basket Weave Faux-Fur Pom Pom Throw, a Snuggle by the Fire Pillow, a Holiday Truck Pillow and a Stand Out Scottie Pillow. Featuring touches of faux fur and velvet, these throws and pillows from the Martha Stewart Collection can add warmth to a room on chilly nights.

Gifts for the Beauty Lover

For the Beauty Lover

For the woman who is beauty-obsessed, give her a gift of relaxation with the Tony Moly sheet mask set. The set includes 19 masks in total, including pulp sheet masks, layering sheet masks, gel face masks and gel eye masks, and is a perfect reason for a girls’ night in. Featuring ingredients such as red wine, which helps tighten and purify skin, and lemon, which helps brighten skin tone and combat hyperpigmentation, among others, there is a mask for nearly every skin need.

Gifts for the Modern Host

For the Modern Host

Essentially every host knows entertainment should be a focal point of the party. Bring family and friends together with the Studio Mercantile Stacking Game, a vintage-inspired twist on a classic made to be played while sharing a round of drinks. The set includes 40 wooden blocks engraved with prompts that can make things more interesting as well as 14 blank blocks so you can create your own entertaining tasks.

Gifts for the Luxurious Lounger

For the Luxurious Lounger

This holiday season, you can combine the cozy and glamorous sides of nearly any woman in your life with sparkly slippers from I.N.C. International Concepts. These comfy, round-toe, moccasin-style slippers are faux-fur lined and available in four vibrant colors – Rose Gold Glitter, Black Glitter, Navy Glitter and Silver Glitter – that can put a luxe finish on lounging around during a night in.

Gifts for the Go-Anywhere Man

For the Go-Anywhere Man

Perfect for the office or a night on the town – and nearly anything in-between – a Tommy Hilfiger watch is a lasting and versatile gift for the special man on your list. Completely focused in black stainless steel with a matching minimalist dial, this sophisticated timepiece is also water-resistant to 30 meters. The black-on-black design is a modern upgrade to classic watches, and can keep your man in style for seasons to come.

Gifts for the Classic Entertainer

For the Classic Entertainer

Savor your favorite spirits with loved ones and add an elevated touch to your entertaining this holiday season with a set of two whiskey glasses from the Hotel Collection. Accompanied by black marble coasters, this modern set of 14.7-ounce glasses can help protect your furniture and surfaces from cup marks, drips, spills and condensation while also impressing guests at any size gathering.

14 November 2018

3 Common New Parent Questions

Almost every new parent knows the feeling: It’s 2 a.m., you’re bleary-eyed and you want nothing more than everyone to get some sleep. However, you’re up, and so is your new baby.

Though most parents wish their little one could tell them what’s keeping him or her awake, sometimes there’s no clear answer.

To help parents who are looking for answers to the questions that keep them awake, including those regarding poop, sleep and tummy time, the experts at KinderCare, who’ve been caring for new babies for almost 50 years, offer this advice. 

3 Common New Parent Questions

1. Why is my baby’s poop a weird color?

Flash back to before your baby was born: You probably never imagined you’d be searching the internet for answers to questions about poop. Yet here you are, and many new parents know how you feel.

When you have questions about poop, however, you may find there’s an app for that. Many apps also track sleep, feeding, pumping, weight and more, making them useful tools to add to your new-baby starter kit.

If you see a change in your baby’s poop, track it. It might be no big deal, but it’s easier to remember what happened a week or even a day ago when you have all the data right at your fingertips. Also remember, if you see anything out of the ordinary, it’s worth a quick call to your doctor’s on-call nurse hotline to make sure it’s nothing to worry about.

2. What’s the big deal about tummy time?

You’ve probably read how important tummy time is for developing your baby’s muscles to get ready for all of the crawling, rolling, scooting, sitting and walking ahead. While your baby’s back is still the safest place for him or her to sleep, awake and supervised tummy time is important, too.

Tummy time doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Talk to your doctor to see what’s recommended for your baby. Though tummy time can be any time, you might be more successful right after a nap or diaper change when your baby is well-rested and comfortable.

If your baby just won’t take to tummy time, try making it fun with toys and make sure you’re getting down on the floor to play, too!

3. What if my baby just won’t go to sleep?

It’s never easy to hear your baby cry, but Dr. Elizabeth Super, a pediatrician and children’s sleep specialist with the pediatric sleep medicine program at Oregon Health & Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, has some advice for sleep-deprived parents.

According to Super, by around 6 months of age, many babies no longer need a middle-of-the-night feeding and are ready to start learning how to self-soothe. However, about 25 percent of 1-year-olds still have problems waking up in the middle of the night.

“They should be sleeping through the night and can be doing it, but it’s very common that they’re not,” Super said. “Know that lots of kids have sleep issues, and sleep issues will come and go as they grow.”

In other words, if your baby has trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s important to choose an approach that fits your family. That might mean adjusting your schedule to accommodate an earlier baby bedtime (Super recommends 7-8 p.m.) or coming up with a simple bedtime routine like taking a bath, brushing teeth, reading a book, and going to bed.

For answers to more questions that can keep new parents awake, visit kindercare.com.

12 November 2018

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

Losing weight to better your health and appearance happens with commitment, drive and a good diet and fitness plan. However, one general fitness plan doesn't fit the needs of everyone. Your fitness plan should be tailored to your lifestyle to see real results and weight loss instead of frustration. There are several tips an aspiring person can follow to find their niche achieve successful weight loss and be anxiety-free.

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

Your successful fitness plan should involve at least five days of week of at least one hour of physical activity, but nobody should start cold turkey. In fact, you may find that you body is unprepared for the stress it may place on your muscles to get back to business. Using CBD Capsules as part of your fitness plan will help reduce the pain and stress of your new routine.

To find your customized fitness plan, you need to find out how much exercise you can tolerate. Start off with quick 30 minute aerobic exercises about three nights a week in the evening. You can turn walks around the neighborhoods into jogs and aerobics into full-hour workouts as you get comfortable with your new fitness plan - but the idea is to raise your heart rate with good cardio and strenuous exercise when you're ready.

As you start burning calories and gaining muscle, complementing your new fitness routine with a healthy diet will help you see the results you're striving for. For many this can increase your stress level. After all, taking away some of the things you would turn to after a long day is hard. You may find that you need CDB for anxiety while you adjust to your new lifestyle. 

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

It's best to eliminate the unhealthy habits from your lifestyle, such as smoking, fast food, carbonated drinks and foods high in sugar and fat. The best foods to eat with your new exercise routine are those high in fiber and protein and low in fat. Protein will help you build muscle. 

It'll be easier to lose weight and keep it off as you become accustomed to a new diet, but a strict diet that leaves nothing to enjoy won't give you much motivation. Allow yourself to one day a week to eat your favorite foods in moderation to keep yourself committed to your new goals.

Along with the need for a healthy diet, you'll need to make sure you're taking in an adequate amount of nutrients. It's important not too diet too hard, or you could be malnutritioned. If you're losing key nutrients through your diet and exercise, some vitamin supplements can help even you out or even provide you with a boost for your health and weight loss efforts. Vitamins can restore your energy, muscle and joint strength, stamina and more. There is also plenty of other supplements to help restore your electrolytes and energy, such as Vitamin B-12, iron and ribose.

Keep in mind that starting slowly and finding the perfect fitness plan for you is the ultimate goal. Combined with a diet and the right supplements can put you on the track to success and help you reach the goal weight you've set for yourself.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

Days filled with business meetings, after school activities, and household responsibilities don’t leave much time for anything else. Unfortunately, spending all of your time working and neglecting yourself can lead to frustration and burnout. There is a solution, though.

Imagine enjoying a day full of pampering and indulgence at a day spa; this may be the perfect way to squeeze a mini vacation into your busy schedule. Scheduling your own time out at a spa can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and just what you need to get back into motion. Enjoy a few tips for choosing day spa services that use hemp cream and will fit your schedule and satisfy your needs perfectly.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

#1 – Decide Which Treatments You Want to Enjoy

Some mini-spas may not provide all of the treatments that full-service spas can offer. If you are hoping for a manicure and a pedicure, then a small salon can be just right. However, if you want a full day of luxurious pampering, then you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of services on the “menu”.

You may want to ask about these treatments:
  • Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy
  • Meditation sessions
  • Yoga
  • Facials and body wraps with Hemp Moisturizers
  • Stone massages
  • Hair, makeup, and nail services
  • Services for men

#2 – Verify that the Spa Has Met State Licensing Requirements

The laws and regulations governing spas vary from state to state, but you can find out the specific requirements for your state by visiting the website for your Attorney General. Armed with this information, ask each potential spa for verification that they have met all requirements. It may be easier for you to relax knowing that spa staff members have passed background checks and have the educational background to perform spa procedures correctly. You may also rest easier knowing that the spa routinely passes health inspections.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

#3 – Expect a High Standard of Cleanliness

Think of the spa treatments that you are looking forward to the most: massages, facials, saunas, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and more. All of those treatments will be much more enjoyable when you know that you are relaxing in a safe and sanitary environment. In order to set your mind at ease, take a visit to the spa before you set an appointment. Many spa facilities are willing to provide you with a tour and to answer your questions about cleanliness and health standards.

#4 - Remember the Reason for Your Day at the Spa

As you plan your mini-vacation, there are a few things that you should try to avoid:

  • Taking work with you – leave your cell phone, pager, laptop, and any other work at the office!
  • Setting unreasonable goals – your spa trip is not about slimming down, buffing up, or erasing wrinkles; you are there to relax and recover from your day-to-day stresses.
  • Purchasing unplanned products – if you hadn’t planned to purchase the expensive products beforehand, then try to resist purchasing them on a whim. By keeping within your planned budget, you’ll be more likely to return later.
Remembering that your purpose at the spa is to recover from the pressures of your daily life will help you to avoid the distractions that might undermine the rejuvenating effects of your day of indulgence.

#5 – Ask about Choosing Your Own Therapist

Your comfort should be the top priority of the spa staff. If you want to choose a male or a female therapist in order to feel the most comfortable while at your vacation spa, then find out beforehand if the spa will make that choice available.