14 February 2017

Habits of Responsible Pet Owners

Being a good pet owner begins from the moment you start thinking about getting a pet, and carries through the rest of your lives together. Here are some key habits of responsible, effective pet owners, to help make your pet's life as enriched and happy as he makes yours:

Habits of Responsible Pet Owners

1. They do their research: Before even going to look for a pet, responsible owners determine the needs and constraints of their family and lifestyle. Do you have an active family with enough living space who can handle a breed that needs a lot of exercise, or would it make more sense for your lifestyle to get a pet that requires less activity? Do you have time to comb and brush your pet daily or would you prefer a pet that doesn't require as much grooming? It is important that you know these criteria before going to look for a pet so you pick one that is right for your family and don't just pick a pet based on its looks. Aside from pet research, effective owners are well prepared for the costs that go along with adding a pet to their family. Veterinary expenses are something you want to factor in as you choose your pet. In the early stages of life, costs of exams and shots should be fairly minimal, but you have to plan for any emergencies or the cost of having a senior pet. Emergencies along the way can also cost a significant amount of money, and as your pet gets older, the cost of veterinary care goes up. You can research the cost of pet insurance to see if it will be right for you and your new pet.

2. They give their pet lots of love and attention: Dogs love their humans and it is important for them to spend time with you. Leaving a dog alone in the back yard or for extended periods of time is not healthy for them. If you work long hours, hire a dog walker to get your dog out during the day for some exercise and companionship.

3. They see training as essential: Responsible owners know that training is essential to creating a happy and healthy environment for the whole family. To help new pets become comfortable in their new home, training is key not only for house breaking and to keep your furniture intact, but also to ensure your dog's safety. From training to never beg, bark or chew, training is the essential stepping stone to ensuring your dog is a well-behaved member of the family both inside and outside of the home.

4. They focus on nutrition: Nutrition is a big factor in a pet's life, and choosing the right food for your pet will help you keep your new furry friend in tip top shape. High quality food will nourish your dog more completely, bring your pup to a healthier weight, produce less waste, reduce shedding and result in a shinier coat. Although a higher quality food may seem expensive, your dog will eat less and be healthier.

5. They exercise their pets: A pet's daily exercise is very important for two reasons. Pets need daily exercise to keep in shape, as well as to keep bad habits at bay. Pets that don't get enough exercise are more likely to get into bad habits to try to release some of their energy, including barking, chewing and digging. Exercise is also critical to pets so that they maintain healthy joints and bones. Good pet owners will make sure their dogs get a brisk 20-30 minute walk a day to get their energy out.

6. They know socializing is essential: Pets need their people, and interacting with your pets on a daily basis helps keep them feeling like part of the family. Whether it is a fun activity like playing ball or just some good quality petting time (which is proven to reduce a human's blood pressure), this will help your pet stay happy and healthy. An effective owner will also prepare their pets for other interactions with animals; keeping your dog socialized will help keep bad behavior at bay.

7. They educate children on how to interact with your dog properly: If you have children, teach them the proper way to interact with your dog. Most dog bites occur with kids under 12 years old, so educating yourself, as well as your kids, on the proper way to be around their four-legged family member is a must.

8. They get their pets microchipped: Responsible owners get their dogs microchipped and make sure they wear an ID tag with their contact information on them at all times. On average, 80-85% of dogs and 98% of cats that go missing will not return home, but proper ID tags and microchips help to increase the likelihood of a reunion with a lost pet.

Tips courtesy of the experts at Camp Bow Wow.

07 April 2016

Planning Your Budget for Upcoming Improvement Projects

Your home improvement budget is important to the success of your overall project. If you run out of money, your project may not be able to be finished. Likewise, if you fail to establish a budget at all, you may be unable to get the project off the ground. When you want to know how much money you should set aside before the work actually begins, you may prefer to get several quotes on what it will cost to carry out projects like an easy access shower and other improvements elsewhere in the house. You can get the quotes and other information you need to get your project off to a solid start by vetting bids from contractors online.

Soliciting Bids in a Safe Manner

Fly-by-night contractors are the bane of unsuspecting homeowners. These unscrupulous faux professionals steal people's money and often do not do the work as promised, if at all. Rather than put yourself at risk of being taken advantage of and possibly not getting the work done in your house, you can stay safe and vet bids from contractors who have met quality standards according to state and local laws. The information that you get from the website will be legitimate and worthy of the work that you need done in your home.

You can also get this information without any kind of commitment or obligation expected from you in return. A request for a bid does not mean that you have to follow through and hire the contractors who provide you with information. It also does not mean that you have to give any of your information in return.

Selecting Projects for Your Home

If you know that your home needs to be improved, but you are not sure of what projects to start, you can get a better idea of possibilities by using the website. The website has a list of both inside and outdoor projects that are commonly desired by homeowners.

You can also find out what services general contractors typically provide to homeowners like you. The website can be a resource that you refer to as you strive to make your home more appealing and more comfortable.

Knowing what kind of work and what it will cost is important to your home improvement process. You can get bids and get other details by going online today.

29 February 2016

Unleash the Lighter Side of the Force in LEGO® STAR WARS: Droid Tales!

Your Favorite Star Wars Heroes are Back with Five Complete Episodes that Unleash the Lighter Side of the Force in LEGO® STAR WARS: Droid Tales!

Coming to DVD on March 1, 2016
Exclusive trading card set packed inside each DVD!

The fun begins following the victory celebration in the Ewok village on Endor, at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. R2-D2 and C-3PO have gathered to regale Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and the other Rebels with the tales of their adventures that led to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. An accidental kidnapping occurs while the droids are reminiscing, and suddenly you’re taken on a new journey that leads to the retelling of the entire Star Wars saga, as told by R2-D2 and C-3PO! It’s hilarious and playful, packed with all your favorite interlocking characters. LEGO® STAR WARS™: DROID TALES is intergalactic thrills for the whole family!

Voice Cast: Eric Bauza (Spongebob Movie, Ben 10: Omniverse, Batman: Assault on Arkham) as Luke Skywalker/Porkins Pilot; Michael Daingerfield (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Catwoman) as Han Solo/Admiral Ozzel/Biggs Pilot; Anthony Daniels (Star Wars Franchise) as C-3PO; Trevor Devall (Kid vs. Kat, Johnny Test) as Emperor Palpatine/Admiral Piett/Admiral Ackbar.

09 January 2016

Instilling Basics in Your Child with Quality Education

Teenage boys sometimes have a difficult time learning how to become responsible adults. When your own child needs some positive direction that may be beyond your current capabilities and time constraints, you can send him to a facility like Wood Creek Academy and other schools that focus on teaching teenagers in a positive and engaging manner. Facilities like a boot camp for teenagers and other educational institutions realize that today's parents encounter unique situations at home that prevent them putting their kids on the path to productive adulthood. You can be assured that your own teenager is getting hands-on attention and positive reinforcement when you send him to one of these places.

The program at such a school focuses on holistic development for teenage boys. Every aspect of their well-being, from their education to their diet and health, are addressed thoroughly. Each student is evaluated upon entry to the school to determine what kind of plan is in order for him. The students as a whole are given proper nutritious diets and plenty of exercise to help them grow into active, engaging adults. They also are taught subjects that they need to graduate according to the state's curriculum. Their educations will align with the classes taught at public high schools elsewhere.

Another unique opportunity that students enjoy involves getting out into nature. Kids who are cooped up in classrooms all day get restless and bored. Students at the academy, however, are given the chance to get out into the wilderness to hike, explore, and reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. They exert their pent-up energy and come back ready to learn what it takes to become an active, productive young adult.

Family life is not neglected when you send your child to one of these schools. Educators realize that kids will always need family support to thrive. It utilizes family involvement as a key part of its program. You will still be your child's parent and be an intricate part of his life. Your role as his mom or dad is not overlooked. When your child graduates, he will have the skills needed to navigate life successfully. He will also be fit and accustomed to a proper diet. When you need help parenting and educating your teenage son, this kind of school is an option to consider for his well-being.

21 December 2015

How to Give Your Home a French Country Look

The look and feel of your home could mean the difference in your and your guests mood. Warm, inviting decor can allow the home owner and/or their guests to release the stress of the day just by opening their front door. Who wouldn't want to create an atmosphere that others will envy and enjoy?

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How to Give Your Home a French Country Look