13 October 2014

The Importance of Quality Components in Engineered Solutions

Engineering the right solutions for your customers and their respective problems requires you to be able to utilize quality hardware that meets both your durability and performance requirements while maintaining cost-efficiency.

This same premise holds true regardless of the industry you service. Fields like automotive manufacturing and repair, carpentry, construction, metalworking and roofing all depend on tools and equipment that's made to be durable and with the right functions in mind.

How Do You Choose Quality Components?

There are a number of ways to choose quality components when it comes to your engineering requirements. The most basic requirements are that they have the right physical properties and that they come from a reputable source.

The last thing to consider should always be the price as a component that fails under the strain of what would be proper use is an insufficient solution.

The Physical Properties of Components

Your engineering team will be the group who decides on the physical properties that a component needs to have in order to be able to fulfill its role.

For example, your company might design containers and toolboxes for consumers to use in the back of their vehicles. If you market in a region where there is a wide temperature variation or to a profession that requires such, certain metals may be more prone to sheering in colder weather. If a hinge or lock breaks on one of these containers, it could cause a mess for both your customer and your public relations department.

Choosing components that are made from the right alloys is only half of the solution.

A Trustworthy Company

When determining what parts will work best, it's important to take into consideration a company's reputation. You want to purchase your components from a business that has a long line of happy customers who have provided practical reviews of the components they have purchased.

Companies specializing in industrial hardware supply, like Sierra Pacific, provide top-notch components and products that are created using high-tech engineering processes. Everything from door holders to hinges and latches are made with thorough review processes, which means that the products will stand up to temperature changes, daily use and many other conditions.

29 September 2014

The Pure Pantry Wholegrain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix Review & Giveaway

Ever made the leap from everyday eating to leading a gluten-free life? Well, I am here to tell you that it is hard. Especially if you are a bread and dessert fan, such as my family. To be honest, I often resort back to my old ways and give in. After all we don't have dietary restrictions like some, I just know that it is a healthier way of life.

Now for those of you who must or even just wish to lead the gluten-free lifestyle, I am happy to report there is a mouthwatering option for those everyday bread style foods. The Pure Pantry offers a variety of healthy, delicious gluten-free baking mixes made with only the 100% natural and certified organic, whole grain ingredients. These products include baking mix, pancake mixes, cookie mixes and cake mixes.

The Pure Pantry sent Iowa Mom a Wholegrain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix to test in our kitchen. Let's just say I was a bit worried it would be better and lacking some of the consistency that everyday mixes have. I was proven wrong and then some.

Upon opening the bag, you could immediately smell the delicious chocolate scent. Mouthwatering really! Within the first few minutes of our test, I was already anxious for the end result and tasting.

The mix was a simple and the only additional ingredient some may not have on hand is vanilla. However for even the occasional baker, I bet you have keep this in some form on hand. It seemed a bit on the thin side but apparently this is completely normal as the cake came out perfectly after baking.

Look at that amazing dark color. Exactly what you would expect from a dark chocolate creation. The smell, OH MY! All full of full and perfectly cooked per the time on the bag!

The Wholegrain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix is made with sucanat and maple sugar, both natural unrefined sweeteners, and quinoa, sorghum, and brown rice – who would ever guess that a cake that tastes this good would also provide fiber, protein, and anti-oxidants!

  • Unbelievably delicious!
  • Gluten free, dairy free, casein free, soy free and nut free
  • Made with a unique blend of wholegrain flours
  • Free of refined sugars

All iced and ready to begin indulging in this fantastic treat. A few immediate things I notice about the Wholegrain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix from The Pure Pantry.

1. This is absolutely one of the moistest cakes I have ever tasted.
2. Dark chocolate does not mean bitter chocolate. This was beautifully sweetened. Pure perfection.
3. My family will devour this cake in one sitting. Boo for tomorrow's sneaky leftovers for mom!

The ultimate cake monster agrees. The Pure Pantry is a go for being a baking winner in our kitchen!

Elizabeth has really expanded her website, you need to check it out. It now include recipes, grocery shopping tips, traveling tips along with tips for eating in and out!

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Elizabeth is giving away to one lucky reader a fabulous Gluten Free Baking Starter Kit pictured above! The Kit includes her cookbook, "Fresh From Elizabeth's Kitchen," 3 cookie mixes and her all purpose baking mix! Everything you need to get you started on a gluten-free diet!

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26 September 2014

StyleWriter 4 Giveaway *7 winners*

If you do much writing for work, personal business or as a career, you know how important it is to make sure your written word is fluent, grammatically correct and flows well. Even if you have great ideas, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right words, but mostly even the best writers need a little help with proofreading from time to time. StyleWriter 4 is the perfect addition to your office to help you become the best author you can possibly be!

Whether you have years of experience, or you are sitting down for the first time, you can become a better writer instantly with StyleWriter 4. With this great Free Trial Offer, you can start using the world's most powerful editing software immediately! If you aren't sure about whether this is for you or not, check out the great video: Introducing StyleWriter 4! Not only will you learn more about the program, but you'll be sure to be convinced about what a great tool it is for you!

StyleWriter 4 Is Great For:

Back To School Students in High School & College. Great for editing research papers, term papers and creating brilliant essays with ease. Students who download the free trial will also receive the acclaimed guide: “How To Write An A-Grade Essay”! Not only will they have the tool to use, they will have instructions applicable to their school needs.

Content Creators & Freelancers. Not only will you have an extra edge on the competition, you'll find this software helps you focus on your projects more. Being able to make your ideas come to life on paper is so much easier when you are using this amazing software.

Job Applicants. Anyone who is currently looking for a new job an benefit from this great software. Not only would it be wonderful to adjust your current resume, but it will also give you an edge up on those careers where the written word is important for securing your job.

You are already use to spell checker showing you basic errors in your writing. Now you can use StyleWriter4 as an intuitive copy-editing software. It will show you how to edit, redraft, change and overhaul your writing into a style that is competitive with top writers and journalists in your field.

Not sure if this is a program that is quality enough for you to invest in? StyleWriter 4 is currently being used by many organizations you will recognize and respect. Current StyleWriter's users include:

University and high school students
  • City of Los Angeles (2,000-user licenses)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (1,000-user licenses)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (1,000-user licenses)
  • Farm Credit Administration (Agency-wide license)
Start your journey toward becoming a better, more professional writer with a Free Trial Download of StyleWriter 4! Once you see how wonderful this program is, you can easily upgrade to the edition that works best for your needs!
  • Starter Edition: Popular with students and others on a budget. StyleWriter Starter takes what you have written and show you how to edit it into a plain English document – clear, concise and flowing.
  • Standard Edition: StyleWriter Standards has all the features to improve your writing, including a powerful style checker with advanced editing techniques, style writing graphs and customization.
  • Professional Edition: StyleWriter Pro adds a powerful Editor's List to the Standard Edition. This is the most popular choice for our users, especially academics, lawyers, accountants, engineers, technical writers and journalists.
No matter what your need is when it comes to proofreading, writing and excelling in the written word, StyleWriter 4 is the program you want to add to your computer today. Not only will you know you'll be giving your clients, teachers or simply yourself the best you can, you can do so with pride and know the words were totally yours. Get your Free Trial of StyleWriter 4 today to begin making the most of the writing talent you already posses.

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20 September 2014

How to select the perfect oven for your kitchen

The oven is one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen. When customers are searching for ovens to install in their kitchens, there are three criteria that should use to ensure that the product they choose is a good purchase. Ovens must look nice, perform well and save energy.

They Must Look Good in Appearance

The first criterion used to determine if an oven is worth the purchase is its appearance. Some ovens have a dull look to them, appearing very basic at best. Then there are ovens that have a fancy appeal. Ovens can also have unique features such as stainless steel handles, glass-panel doors and eye-catching digital displays. What customers choose will depend on what they prefer.

Ovens Must Perform Well

Along with having a satisfying appearance, customers expect ovens to perform well. These appliances must be able to cook food to perfection, and they must not take too long to heat. Furthermore, features must be available that allow for the seamless preparation of a wide range of dishes.

Significant Savings on Energy

Now more than ever, there has been a lot of discussion about energy savings. With the cost of living rising along with the cost of utilities, consumers are always searching for ways that they can use the least amount of energy. While it is paramount that ovens perform well and look appealing, they must also be able to function like a first-rate, high-powered oven without draining on the utilities. 

Large companies that sell a wide range of ovens, such as the ovens from Appliances Connection, are guaranteed to allow purchasers to find an oven that meets all three criteria. Not to mention, there will be enough of a selection to enable customers to choose the oven that fits their preferences perfectly.

02 September 2014

TrackIf $500 Cash Giveaway

As a business owner, your goal is to not only draw customers to your site, but to create sales conversions as often as possible. With Internet marketing reaching its highest level ever, having an active ecommerce site is a great method to boost your business sales. Whether you have a store front with an additional website, or work solely as an online proprietor, utilizing all information available to you to increase sales is imperative.

TrackIf is the perfect solution for large and small ecommerce sites of all types. This innovative ecommerce app works not only to benefit the website owner and seller, but as a means of help to a buyer as well. Not only will you as a business owner be able to increase your sales conversions, your customers will be naturally drawn back to your site to meet their needs in the future thus creating a long term repeat customer.

What Is TrackIf?

This great back end tool is a method to track your customers habits on your site. A simple code added to your site allows you to see what potential customers are interested in, as well as the price points they find appropriate. TrackIf gives you not only information about your customers habits, it gives them the opportunity to easily let you know what they would like to see happen. In the process, it allows your customer to take control of their shopping experience and give you feedback in a simple and non intrusive to them way.

Why Choose TrackIf For My Site?
  • Additional Buttons To Remind or Notify of Updates, Sales & Price Changes. These are easily placed next to the “buy now” button on all products. This gives your potential customers the ability to specify the price point they would be willing to pay, so if the product goes on sale at that price they would receive an email notice encouraging them to come back and make the purchase.
  • Out Of Stock Notices. Addition of a “notify me” button to all pages so if an item is out of stock, you won't lose future sales. As soon as it is back in stock your customer will be alerted and return to make their purchase. This also gives you an insight on how many additional products to have on hand to supply your customer base in the future.
  • Integrated Social Commerce Capture. This utilizes your existing social media following to increase sales without paying the high fees social media often charges to promote your business. When a customer shares a product from your website to social media, they will be given the opportunity to receive notices regarding that product in the future. Sale prices, special events and promos will be sent to them as requested. No more paying extra on your social media pages to promote your sales to the existing followers! TrackIf does it for you.
  • Wishlist Price Change Updates & Promotions. When someone adds an item to their wishlist, they are now opted into an email update when that price changes or a sale includes the item. Additionally, you can look at the items most often added to wishlists and then create a special promotional event to increase sales on that one item.
  • Search Tracking. This unique addition to the TrackIf Ecommerce app is great for those sites wanting to know what their customers are looking for. A “Save This Search” button added to the site allows your visitors to be alerted of new or return items matching their search.

What Is My Investment?

There is no up front cost! You are only charged by TrackIf if you succeed in creating sales leads through the links and alerts generated as a part of the TrackIf system, email alerts and wishlists. You can set up TrackIf within a few days, give it a test run and see how it works for your site without a hefty up front fee.

TrackIf proves to be an excellent application that is not only simple and non invasive to you or the customer, but affordable for even the smallest online business. If you are looking to increase your sales and revenue, set up TrackIf to help you naturally create leads and conversions with your existing and new customers. This integrated ecommerce application is a great asset to your website and business goals.

Get started with TrackIf today!

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