03 January 2020

5 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

If you worry that you or someone you love will get heart disease or even have a heart attack, it’s understandable.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Research shows you can lower your risk, particularly if you team up with family, friends or co-workers. This kind of social support may be the key to your success.

To mark American Heart Month, NHLBI, one of the National Institutes of Health, is inviting people across the country to team up and join #OurHearts, a national heart health initiative that encourages people to improve heart health together.

“Studies show that having positive, close relationships and feeling connected to others benefits overall health, blood pressure, weight and more,” said NHLBI’s Dr. David Goff, director of cardiovascular sciences.

5 Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Consider these five tips that can help lower your risk of heart disease:

Risk: Inactivity

Solution: Move more throughout your day. Aim for at least 150 minutes each week of physical activity. Build up to activity that gets your heart beating faster and leaves you a little breathless. If you’re busy, try breaking your daily activity into 10-minute chunks.

Stay motivated: Make walking dates. Join a pickup soccer or basketball game. Join a fitness class with your neighbor. Grab a loved one and dance in your kitchen.

Risk: An unhealthy diet

Solution: Consider an option like NHLBI’s Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan, which is free and scientifically proven to lower high blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.

Stay motivated: Invite friends to cook up heart healthy recipes together. Start a lunch club at work and trade recipe ideas.

Risk: Smoking, even occasionally

Solution: Quitting can be beneficial to your overall health, even if you’ve smoked for years. Set a quit date and let those close to you know. If you’ve tried quitting in the past, consider what helped and what made it harder.

Stay motivated: Ask your family and friends for support or join a support group. Find resources and connect with a trained counselor at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or smokefree.gov.

Risk: Inadequate or poor-quality sleep

Solution: Sleeping 7-8 hours each night helps improve heart health. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Getting a 30-minute daily dose of sunlight may also improve sleep.

Stay motivated: Resist that late afternoon nap. Turn off all screens at a set time nightly. Relax by listening to music, reading or taking a bath.

Risk: Uncontrolled stress

Solution: To help manage stress, try relaxation therapy and increase physical activity. Talk to a qualified mental health provider or someone you trust. De-stressing may also help improve sleep.

Stay motivated: Join a friend or family member in a relaxing activity like walking, yoga or meditation every day.

Learn about heart health and heart healthy activities in your community at nhlbi.nih.gov/ourhearts. Use #OurHearts on social media to share how you and your friends, colleagues or family members are being heart healthy together.

27 December 2019

How to Develop Your PPC Strategy

What is PPC?

Landing on Google’s first page is no easy feat. Now, with so much competition, brands need to understand the inner workings of PPC marketing. PPC, or pay per click, is a way of advertising online. Businesses create ads and pay a fee when someone clicks on it. Most people looking to venture into PPC marketing turn to Google Adwords. But before you start to think of strategy, you need to understand the benefits of PPC marketing.

How Does PPC Work?

PPC seems complex but in essence, it's more of a systematic process. When an ad spot opens on a SERP, search engine results page, the auctioning for keywords begin. The quality of content, ad placement and your bid amount all play a role in who wins top placement. For example, if you were looking for Long Island PPC management, you would have to tailor your content and ads so that it ranked higher than others competing for the same spot.

Benefits of PPC

PPC marketing does more than help you rank online. When done correctly, it can help you reach your KPIs and increase ROI. The key is understanding how to set up campaigns based on your goals.

In addition, results from PPC campaigns can give invaluable insight into consumer behavior and how your ads are performing.

Determine Your Goals

As with any type of marketing strategy, you need to define your goals. If you're just starting out, maybe you want to build brand awareness. Or, if you're an established brand and want to boost website traffic, you need to tailor your PPC strategy to reach your target audience at the right time. The idea is to have them take action, regardless of where they are in their customer journey.

Creating a Campaign

Brand Awareness

PPC campaigns need to be tailored to suit your needs. For instance, if your goal is to increase visibility, you'll want to create ads that use specific keywords in those ads. You also need to think of ad placement. Where you place your ads is just as important as they copy. If either falls short, you ad may not perform well. You need to use keywords that someone in this phase of customer journey would use.

You should also consider social media PPC. Using broad keywords in the awareness stage can boost visibility. However, using such broad search terms may result in a higher click-through-rate cost. A good rule of thumb is to keep cost under a dollar.

Consideration Phase

In this stage, consumers are starting to think about making a purchase. They may use more specific search terms to find exactly what they want. At this point, your PPC strategy needs to mimic what they are doing. This includes inviting copy that makes them want to know more. In addition, your keywords also need to reflect what consumers are searching for online. Banner ads and ads that are highly responsive usually perform well at this stage in the buyer's journey.

Lead Generation

Generating sales can be tricky. Even when people land on your website, they may not be ready to buy. Lead generation ads can help by capturing emails, which you can use later for retargeting marketing. At this point, your CTA needs to demand attention. Offering something for free, whether it's a free consultation or demo, or even sample product, is what you need to focus on.


Someone who is ready to buy acts different than someone who is still in the consideration phase. People in this category have intent to make a purchase, so your ads need to deliver. Content needs to be tailored to entice them to finalize the purchase.

Discount coupons, financing and shipping options should need to reflect in your copy. Sometimes, simply knowing that shipping is free can create a frenzy, especially if it's international shipping.

Final Thoughts

A successful PPC strategy is multi-faceted. It needs to include all of the goals that you hope to reach through the marketing funnel. The key is to optimize, analyze and refine through the buyer’s journey. If you're struggling with your PPC strategy, Long Island PPC management can help. Contact us today and we'll help you rank tomorrow.

17 December 2019

Planters for Any Décor or Area

As any shopper knows, finding the right décor elements can be a hassle. When it comes to finding a way to show off your designer senses and add a touch of greenery to any space, Pots, Planters and More makes it easier than ever to find the right choice. With a wide selection to suit any taste or area, there is no reason not to add some lovely flourishes to your home or business. 

What makes a great shopping experience when shopping for pots and planters? The matter of variety is key since there are so many ways to utilize this item. Here are just a few of the many ways to use planters in homes and businesses: 

Landscaping. Planters can be used outdoors to bring fresh life to an area. They can also be used indoors to bring a touch of greenery inside. 

Planters for Any Décor or Area

Privacy. The use of planters is ideal for creating privacy by blocking views of windows or seating areas such as on a patio. 

Highlight a doorway. This is a great way for business to direct visitors to the main entrance since large planters naturally draw the eye which makes the doorway a focal point. They can also be used this way in residential areas for added curb appeal. 

Control foot traffic. For larger locations, planters can be used to control foot traffic and direct people where to go. This is especially useful at large shopping malls, universities, and hospitals. 

Since there are so many different ways to use these items, the matter of a diverse inventory is key for anyone shopping for planters. Whether you are looking for something smaller to act as a table centerpiece for your home, or large planters to create a hotel a rooftop oasis for guests, this is a great resource to help narrow it down. With plenty of great options in a wide range of sizes and styles, Pots, Planters and More has something for you no matter how you plan to use it. The key to finding the right planter for your exact needs is to keep in mind the size, color, and material type, as well as whether you intend to use the pot indoors or outdoors. The more carefully you consider these main factors, the easier it will be to find the right outcome for the project.

06 December 2019

Top Beginner Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

There's hardly anything more freeing than making money online. Not only does it give you the ability to earn a stable income from home, but you can also have more control over your own time. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a graphic designer, computer programmer, or medical coder to earn a decent living. In fact, there are many people who simply sell their clothes online. Sites like Poshmark allows it's users to make top dollar by selling items directly from their closets. However, if you're new to Poshmark it can be difficult to figure out what techniques actually work. So we're going to save you some time and give you the top beginner tips for selling more clothes on Poshmark.

Top Beginner Tips for Selling More Clothes on Poshmark

Tip 1: Honesty is the Best Policy

Most beginners make the mistake of thinking that they have to hide the flaws in order to sell an item. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, if your clothes have rips and stains, then there will be fewer people who are willing to buy it. But some buyers may still be willing to purchase the item at a discounted rate. In fact, small imperfections don't bother some people at all. What does bother them is when you're not transparent about the item.

So when you're selling clothes don't shy away from the details. Let your audience know if the item has a dime-sized hole in it. Tell them if the hem is coming apart and needs to be sewn. Take close-ups of these imperfections. It may take a little longer to sell the item, but at least the buyer will know what to expect. And you'll always have great ratings.

Tip 2: Take Amazing Photos

Photos can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. And that's because it's the only real evidence that you're selling a quality item. It's the only thing that your customers have to rely on when deciding whether or not to purchase an item. That's why it's so important that you take quality photos.

The best photos feature great lighting. You don't have to set up a professional studio. In most cases, all you need to do is find a room that's flooded with natural lighting. You can style your photos by modeling the clothes or creating flat lays. Most importantly, keep things as simple as possible. Make sure that the room is free of clutter. Plain, white backgrounds can serve as a great backdrop. Also, make sure that the clothes are clean and free of wrinkles.

Tip 3: Follow and Share as Much as Possible

Poshmark is similar to a social media platform. It thrives on engagement. The more engaged you are in the community, the more exposure your closet will get. A huge part of engagement is following and sharing. The benefit of following other users is that it alerts them to your presence on the platform and the collection of items that you have to offer. Also, in many cases, people will follow you back.

The benefit of sharing your items is that it lets people know about what's new in your store. It's recommended that you share your closet at least twice per day. The best place to share is at Poshmark parties. These are daily events in which Poshmark allows sellers and users to share items based on a certain theme. Not only should you share your items, but you should also share items of other sellers. This is a great way to get exposure as well as encourage others to share your closet.

Tip 4: Be Strategic About Your Titles and Descriptions

Keep in mind that your buyers will find your items based on the title. So you need to be strategic about them. Include the brand name, what the item is, the color, the fit, and the material it's made from. You're only allowed so many characters so make sure that each word counts.

You should also be careful with your description. Use keywords that can help to describe the style of the garment. For instance, you may use words like vintage, minimalistic, basic, or boho. Try to imagine what customers will type into the search engine to find items like this.

Tip 5: Research Pricing

Another common mistake that beginners make is blindly pricing their items. They may list the item based solely on the profit margin. They may base the price on the retail value. In some instances, they base the price on what the item means to them in terms of sentimental value. Unfortunately, this can really hurt your sales. Instead of blindly pricing the item, you need to do some research. What are your competitors pricing this item for? Ultimately, this is the most important factor as your potential buyers will be comparison shopping.

Tip 6: Turn Your Notifications On

Poshmark is an app. The best part about apps is that you can receive updates and notifications directly to your phone. While you may be tempted to turn notifications off, keep in mind that it's best to keep them on as Poshmark will let you know when someone has commented on your page, shared your items, made an offer, or made a purchase. These notifications will ensure that you always respond promptly.

Tip 7: Brand Yourself With Packaging

One of the best parts about Poshmark is that it does most of the work for you--specifically when it comes to packaging. The company offers free USPS mailing supplies. This enables you to ship your items quickly without having to worry about extra costs. However, if you want to stand out from the competition, you should add a personal touch to your packaging. It can be something as simple as including a hand-written thankyou note or wrapping the items with a bow. This may seem like a small detail but it's a great way to get repeat buyers.

If you're new to Poshmark then it can be a bit overwhelming. The best way to manage your new schedule is to automate as much as possible. For instance, you could use a Poshmark bot for following and sharing. Instead of having to manually share and follow people throughout the day, a Poshmark bot will do it for you automatically so that you can focus on the most engaging parts of the process.

03 December 2019

Refresh Your Child’s Diet with Low-Sugar Options

Many families look to the new year as a time to reset their eating habits and focus on making healthier choices. However, adults aren’t the only ones who could use a menu refresh as children may also need to focus on healthier food choices.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed children consume an unhealthy amount of added sugar every day. Researchers found nearly all of the toddlers in their study ate an average of 7 teaspoons of added sugar daily – the equivalent of a candy bar. Additionally, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, excess sugar consumption can lead to an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“Small children have small stomachs,” said Courtney Hines, a nutritionist for KinderCare Learning Centers, which care for more than 165,000 children around the country every day. “You want them to fill up on nutrient-dense foods, not empty calories in the form of added sugar. When children consume lots of sugar, their palates get used to overly sweet flavors. They may not accept other, less sugary flavors or learn to appreciate the natural sweetness of a piece of fresh fruit.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the consumption of added sugar for children under the age of 2. Children ages 2-18 should aim for less than 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons, of added sugar per day.

For families that want to cut down on the amount of added sugar in their diets, Hines recommends cooking more at home, relying less on processed, packaged foods and serving only water or milk for beverages.

Consider these low-sugar ideas for meal and snack times to help control the amount of added sugar you and your family consume.

Dip Smart

Herbs, spices, citrus and fresh fruit add flavor without relying on the added sugars found in many popular sauces and dips. Consider making your own low-sugar alternatives at home so your family can still enjoy favorite flavors like these:

  • Ranch Dressing – In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, buttermilk, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper for a kid-tested, nutritionist-approved take on a favorite dip. Serve over salad or as vegetable dip.
  • Honey Mustard – Popular on a variety of sandwiches and as a dip or salad dressing, combining plain yogurt with milk, honey and regular or Dijon mustard can create a more family-friendly version.
  • Teriyaki Sauce – Perfect for serving with healthier options like lo mein, chicken wraps or fried rice, a homemade version can be created using water, soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic powder and cornstarch slurry.

Swap Out Syrup

Pancakes are a popular breakfast option at KinderCare centers and in many homes, but even the healthiest whole-grain pancake becomes a plateful of sugar if it’s doused in syrup. Hines recommends these toppings that are sweet and savory without the added sugar:

  • Nut butter or seed butter (such as peanut, almond or sun) and banana slices
  • Warm fruit compote (mix of warmed berries)
  • Applesauce (no-sugar-added variety) and cinnamon
  • Nut butter swirled into plain yogurt; mix in 1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract to add a sweet flavor

Snack Sweet

Opting for less added sugar doesn’t mean avoiding sweet snacks altogether. These alternatives can still help satisfy those cravings:

  • Applesauce with baked cinnamon pita triangles for dipping
  • Toast topped with nut or seed butter, smashed banana and sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Frozen fruit smoothies
  • Plain yogurt topped with granola, nuts, seeds or fruit
  • Apple slices with nut or seed butter

For more ideas to introduce your children to healthy habits from a young age, visit kindercare.com.