14 November 2019

Bringing Communities Together

It’s important today to find ways to connect with others to help deepen your understanding of those around you. In a time when differences seem to dominate today’s culture, it can help to find similarities, draw connections and bridge worlds.

From community leaders and organizations to embassies and consulates, cultural events and programs are popping up in communities across the country in unexpected ways. For example, Germany is wrapping up a year-long campaign called Wunderbar Together, a Year of German-American Friendship that was designed to bring diplomacy from Washington’s K street to America’s main streets. This effort, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by the Goethe-Institut and supported by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), brought together more than 400 partners in an effort to strengthen existing networks while also bringing more Americans into the dialogue about the German-American relationship.

“The German-American friendship is built on myriad personal connections that span the Atlantic – centuries-old family ties and new friendships, twin towns and sister cities and friendships between schools and universities,” said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Recently, thanks to Wunderbar Together, many people in the two countries have added thousands of new snapshots depicting this friendship – pictures that were taken pretty much every second at more than 2,000 events in all 50 states.”

The campaign reached 560 communities. On top of the more than 1 million attendees reached in-person, Wunderbar Together also built a multifaceted, strong digital presence that engaged 10.1 million users online and secured approximately 235 million impressions across traditional media and owned social media channels.

Events and opportunities that bring together communities and cultures is not unique to this campaign. For example, people in communities across the country experience other cultures through initiatives like sister city programs, cultural moments like Chinese New Year and food festivals in cities like Chicago exploring everything from Polish to Puerto Rican delicacies. If you’re looking for ideas to introduce your family to other cultures, keep an eye out for opportunities like these in your own community:

Cultural festivals and traveling exhibits. Events that celebrate the traditions of a particular group, country or region take place all over the country. Cultural festivals and traveling exhibits can provide a unique perspective on a specific subject and offer the opportunity to sample traditional foods, hear unfamiliar languages and observe games or demonstrations for various crafts and skills. For example, the Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour combined a culture tent with mobile presentation modules and various flexible pop-up edutainment elements. Programs ranged from business conferences, science slams, art exhibits and concerts to interactive, student-focused events. Guests got to taste authentic German food, watch live streams of Germany’s premier professional soccer league, learn from a decked-out WanderbUS equipped with German language activities and get immersed in the arts and sciences through events like “Science is Fun” and Circus Mojo workshops. You can expect to learn a great deal about a culture while you see and experience it first-hand.

Museums. A more formal setting like a museum offers a wealth of information with displays, artifacts and often a deep look at the history of a subject, such as a historical event, location or population. Museums continually update their collections, and new programs and lectures can help give you insight into new artists, cultures and traditions. For example, a new exhibition at the New Museum in New York City, “Hans Haacke: All Connected,” is one way to experience the work of a German artist in the United States. In addition to identifying museums that pique your interest in your own community, be sure to look into museums you might be able to visit when you’re traveling for business or pleasure, as well as rotating installations through museums’ temporary exhibit spaces.

Historical landmarks. All over the world, there are landmarks dedicated to explaining pivotal moments in history and the ways these events affected the people and communities nearby. Some landmarks are as basic as a monument on the side of a highway while others are entire buildings dedicated to explaining the impact of a single event or series of events. Monuments and historical landmarks can also serve as public convening areas and place for events. For example, to kick off the Year of German-American Friendship, four-time break-dance world champions from Berlin, The Flying Steps, held a special performance at one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks: the Lincoln Memorial. The “b-boy” crew combined break-dancing with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach for a one-of-a-kind performance in the nation’s capital.

Restaurants and food trucks. Food may be the way to win over someone’s heart, but it’s also a way to understand another culture. Learning about traditional dishes and customs surrounding such an essential aspect of daily life can give you a strong sense of the values and a literal flavor for an unfamiliar lifestyle. The explosion of food trucks, many of which offer traditional foods from countries around the world, provide opportunities to sample food you may never have had access to before. Some food trucks are even designed to do just that – such as the Wiesn in a Box truck that is part of the Wunderbar Together campaign, which is a Bauhaus-themed pretzel and Hofbräu beer cart that sets up a mobile Oktoberfest-inspired beer garden in cities across the country.

Performance arts and film. Artistic expression can be found among virtually every community. From theater and dance to art gallery shows and musical concerts, there’s essentially no shortage of ways to connect communities through the arts. Attending shows or watching films that emphasize cultural education and celebrate diverse perspectives can help open your mind and teach you about new subjects or cultures. Film festivals are a way to experience new types of movies and directors, such as the annual German Currents Film Festival that has become a fixture on the cultural calendar in Los Angeles and is known for screening films from Germany, ranging from art-house films to blockbusters and children’s matinees to late-night movies.

A Calendar of Cultural Events

Find a chance to experience German culture with these Wunderbar Together events in cities nationwide through the end of the year. More details can be found at WunderbarTogether.org.

WanderbUS Visit
  • Hampshire High School, Romney, West Virginia, Nov. 8
  • Marquette High School, Chesterfield, Missouri, Nov. 13
  • Olathe South High School, Olathe, Kansas, Nov. 15
  • Springdale High School, Springdale, Arkansas, Nov. 18

Gewandhaus Orchestra
The Gewandhaus Orchestra Chamber music ensemble will perform at Goethe PopUp events including:
  • 1900 Building, Mission Woods, Kansas, Nov. 6
  • St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, St. Paul, Minnesota, Nov. 8
  • National Gallery of Art – West Building, Washington, D.C., Nov. 10

Goethe-Institut Washington Grand Reopening Event
  • Goethe-Institut Washington, D.C., Nov. 6

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles Opening Event
  • Goethe-Institut Los Angeles, Nov. 8

Opening of the “The Medea Insurrection: Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain” Exhibit
  • The Wende Museum, Culver City, California, Nov. 10

Closing Conference of “Mississippi: An Anthropocene River”
  • Tulane University, New Orleans, Nov. 10-16

11 November 2019

5 Tips to Ward Off Cold Weather

Colder weather brings plenty of changes, especially in the ways you take care of your home and self. Especially when the temperature drops, extreme winter conditions can play havoc not only with your skin and health, but also your family’s comfort.

Take steps to protect your family and household as the weather starts to cool this season with these practical tips:

Take steps to help prevent the flu. As temperatures drop, the chances of getting sick rise. That’s partly because certain germs and viruses thrive in colder temperatures, and because the cold puts extra strain on your immune system. When it is cold outside, people are also more likely to spend time indoors (and in closer quarters) where germs are more easily spread. Do your part to help prevent the flu by washing your hands often and covering your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze. Also be sure to stay home if you’re sick and avoid exposing others to your illness.

Prepare your wardrobe. Colder weather outside means more skin sensitivities and dryness. Long pants and sleeves don’t just add warmth; they also protect your skin from harsh outdoor elements. When you haul your winter wardrobe out of storage, start the season on a comfy note by washing everything with an option like ‘all Free Clear Liquid Detergent or Mighty Pacs. It’s the No. 1 laundry detergent brand recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic formula.

Dress in layers from head to toe. Bundle up with winter accessories to match the daily weather forecast. For chillier mornings and nights, cover exposed areas such as your head with a hat, neck with a scarf and hands with gloves. To accommodate warmer weather during the day, layer flexible clothing options to accommodate temperature shifts.

Stay active. Physical activity naturally warms your body in the short term. In fact, shivering is your body’s natural physical response to generate body heat when you’re cold. Aside from the immediate benefits, keeping active during the colder months can help in other ways, too. A healthy cardiovascular system keeps your blood flow steady and strong, and a good circulatory system plays an important role in keeping your body, and especially your extremities, warm when temperatures take a dip. 

Nourish your body and skin. Preventing painful dry cracks and itchy, scaly skin is a job that requires attention inside and out. Externally, moisturize shortly after showering to trap in the water lingering on your skin, use extra lotion throughout the day on areas prone to drying and reapply lotion after washing hands. Remember to protect sensitive spots like your lips that can easily chap and crack. You can also prevent dry skin by ensuring you’re drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet with plenty of essential vitamins and healthy fats.

For more ideas to prepare for changing weather, visit all-laundry.com.

31 October 2019

Announcing a Fresher Option, All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators #FollowTheFridge

This shop has been compensated by Best Buy and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Are you like us and looking for something new in a refrigerator? Do you cringe every time to turn to the eyesore in your kitchen? Perhaps you struggle with getting all of your groceries in the right place when their at at your fingertips when you need them. I know we do and it is why I am ready to make the leap to the all-new Bosch counter-depth refrigerator, available at Best Buy.

At first glance, the Bosch counter-depth refrigerator is a beauty with sleek, internal stainless steel and counter-depth design that sits flush with the countertop. A generous 21 cu. Ft. capacity with a back wall is made from the highest quality materials, hidden hinges and discreet tucked away feet. Making this unit eye-catching and durable. A true timeless design that’s built to last and would look stunning in my new kitchen! Did I mention we bought a new home just a few months ago? Well, we did and the Bosch would bring life to our open floor plan and bring our modern home kitchen to completion.

Announcing a Fresher Option, All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators #FollowTheFridge

Let's Talk Features

- Master your day, in your own way, with Home Connect™. The Home Connect™ app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature, adjust lighting, run diagnostics—wherever you are,** for ultimate convenience. Connected refrigerators from Bosch are designed to give you peace of mind, customization, and simplification.

- The Bosch UltraClarityPro™ water filter reduces >99.9% of sediments that may be found in your water, including harsh elements like chlorine and chloramine.

- Dual compressors and dual evaporators offer efficient and precise cooling and humidity control, while significantly limiting odor transfer between the refrigerator and freezer, for the optimal freshness environment.

Announcing a Fresher Option, All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators #FollowTheFridge

Fresh by Design.™ It’s refrigeration, reinvented.

The most impressive factor the all-new Bosch counter-depth refrigerator sports is the revolutionary FarmFresh System™ combines four innovative technologies to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer, for less food wasted.* This means saving money while keep my delicate fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Two things that are very important when considering a new Bosch.

The new FarmFresh System™ uses four innovative freshness technologies to keep your food fresher, longer:
  • VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity
  • FreshProtect™absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer.
  • MultiAirFlow™ evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners.
  • AirFresh® Filter absorbs even the toughest food odors, keeping your refrigerator and freezer air fresh.

Bigger in Size Inside and Out

- Organize your fridge in new ways. FlexBar™ creates extra space in your refrigerator – it’s the perfect home for wine bottles, condiment jars, eggs, and more.

- Featured on both sets of doors, three wide gallon door bins easily accommodate two large side-by-side gallon containers each.

- An ingenious three-tier layered freezer drawer system creates extra storage for frozen items, from pizza boxes to frozen waffles.

- Full width chiller drawer: store oversized platters with ease until you’re ready to serve them, or store snacks for quick access and easy visibility.

What do you think about the all-new Bosch counter-depth refrigerator? What is your favorite feature?

*As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.
**Connectivity and speed varies based on network and Wi-Fi levels.

27 October 2019

Maintain a Sparkling Smile

There is an old saying that you only need to brush the teeth you want to keep. Although humorous, these words hold a good deal of truth. There is much to be said for keeping your own natural teeth into your old age. Following are some tips to help ensure that happens.

Practice Good Hygiene

The most helpful thing you can do to maintain healthy teeth and gums is to thoroughly brush your teeth morning and night, both to remove food debris and tartar and to prevent food from sticking to your teeth. Flossing in between teeth can help remove bits of food that might otherwise eat away at surfaces, causing decay. Crooked teeth can be a trap for food and make it difficult to clean them in between. You might need to make a visit to a qualified West Island orthodontist.

Get Good Nutrition

Inadequate nutrition can leave gums tender and cause loose teeth. Cola drinks, juices and other acidic foods can wear down the enamel coating on your teeth, leaving them more vulnerable to decay. Manage stomach acid as well, as it can erode teeth. Stay well hydrated, as saliva is a good defense against decay.

Be careful

Many people regard their teeth as another set of tools. They come in handy for tearing open snacks, biting things closed and holding nails or screws while hanging pictures or making repairs. In reality, doing such things is the cause of cracked teeth, knocking teeth loose or even breaking a tooth. Biting down on hard candies or nuts can cause damage as well, so care should be taken to avoid these activities.

Develop a regimen of care and stick to it. Persistence can pay off in the long run with a whiter smile, fewer cavities and the potential to have your pearly whites last you throughout the duration of your lifetime.

23 October 2019

Different Ways to Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to escape the routine of everyday life while exploring the world outside your home. No matter where you’re planning on going, taking a journey by car can open up a world of possibilities for you and your travel companions. Here are some useful ways to prepare for your next road trip and make it a true success.

Different Ways to Prepare for Your Next Road Trip

Check for Problems

The last thing you want is to become stranded in the middle of your trip because your car broke down. Do yourself a favor and check your Hyundai Genesis for any problems before you head onto the road. From fluid levels to spare tires, each aspect of your vehicle should be checked carefully to ensure that everything is in good shape for your road trip.

Clean Up Your Car

You want to start your trip on a clean slate, and tidying up your car can help you accomplish this. Before you head out, take a little bit of time to look through your vehicle and discard any old wrappers, napkins or other debris that may be lying around. Making the effort to clear your car of any unnecessary items can give you plenty of room for any belongings you may add to the vehicle during your trip.

Have a Plan in Mind

There might be a sense of adventure in the thought of going wherever the roads take you, but this strategy may end up sabotaging your road trip. Be sure to plan out rest stops, hotel visits and anything else you may need to take care of during your journey. Taking this approach can help give you a sense of order during the trip.

There’s plenty of room for fun and good memories when you go on a road trip. Taking the right steps to prepare can ensure that you make the most of your journey.