16 March 2018

Dealing With Your Child’s Broken Heart

We’ve all been there before with our kids. Once they grow up to an age where they start having innocent relationships, it’s common to see them become moody, argue with you and generally be difficult to deal with. Whether they’ve been dumped by their high school sweetheart, had their dreams of marriage crushed or they’re going through a strange relationship they’re still too young to understand, you need to position yourself as a mentor to help them deal with their emotional issues to better prepare and guide them in the future.

Do keep in mind that this advice is totally fine for parents who have “kids” that are well into their late teenage years or even young adult years. Just because they’re grown up, it doesn’t make them any less your child!

Dealing With Your Child’s Broken Heart

Don’t force your way into their issues
Sure, you want to do everything you can to help, but the most important thing is to keep your distance and listen. Don’t force your way into their issues by saying things like “they’ll come back to you” or “there are plenty of other opportunities in the future”. If they want to talk about it, let them talk. However, avoid taking sides. Don’t tell them that they’re at fault and don’t tell them that their ex-partner is at fault. Instead, just listen. Sit back, relax and listen to their issues. You can try to cheer them up with something like cooking their favorite meal or perhaps spending some time with them, but just try to keep their mind off it without being too invasive.

Show your support

Let your child know that you’re there for them. Speak to them over the phone, use social media if they prefer and leave encouraging messages. Let them know that you feel for what’s happened, but try to keep it at that. Don’t interfere with their life and don’t offer help when they don’t need it–just let them know that you’re ready to give them a hand if they want assistance. You need to let your child decide for themselves what their next move is without being an overbearing parent.

Look for advice from others

Let’s face it, this isn’t exactly an issue that every parent faces on a regular basis and what you can do to help will greatly depend on the help and experience you have. For instance, you might be a little out of touch with how young adults or teenagers meet up and how they chat, what the norm is for relationships at that age and how they even deal with breakups. There are plenty of guides out there that will help you learn more about modern relationships, so check out this review of Ex Factor guide as a good starting point. Identifying why a relationship went wrong and how to fix things is a great way to prepare yourself for when your child asks you for advice, and it’s a good idea to keep your knowledge up to date with these guides and advice from others.

Helping your child understand their emotions

Even when your child is in their late teens, it’s going to be hard for them to understand their emotions and truly embrace the way they feel. However, as much as they should listen to their emotions, they shouldn’t let it overtake their mind and overwhelm them. It’s important to teach your child about their emotions and explain them in a logical way. As their parent, you’ve probably been in or have seen similar situations to what your child is currently going through. Teens are usually faced with situations that make them feel uncomfortable or that they’re unfamiliar with, and it’s your job to help them understand these feelings and find an outlet to express them.

Some teens use music or writing to express their feelings and others use physical activity to relieve the stress in their mind. Some also cry as a way to let out their feelings. Just let your child know that it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do when they’re feeling emotional. The way each child reacts to a breakup is different, but it’s important to always be there for them. Let them know that your support is always ready and waiting, but don’t be too overbearing with the advice you offer.

13 March 2018

Stylish & Far From Stagnant! The Best Breaks For Busy Moms Everywhere

Stylish & Far From Stagnant! The Best Breaks For Busy Moms Everywhere

Yes, even us fabulous ladies need a break from the jetsetter lifestyle from time to time. But, what do you want from your vacations nowadays? Are you looking for some time to properly lounge by the side of the pool, or are you looking for some weekend breaks with a bit of adventure? If so, we've got everything covered here! Let's have a look at some options for you and your girlfriends.

City BreaksIf you're looking for somewhere a bit different, there are some fantastic city breaks a little bit further out. Europe has some of the most exquisite architecture available, but if you're just looking for somewhere to lounge around and walk around a big city, sipping on a cappuccino, we've got this! Marseille, in the south of France, is home to many shops and cafes, as well as some fantastic contemporary galleries if you're looking for a bit of culture. For a combination of cafe culture with some urban chic, Marseille is hard to beat. Make sure that you book a hotel on the coast, the Mama Shelter french boutique hotel group opened up an exquisite hotel back in 2012. Like your Italian food? Head to Bologna and sample the delicacies from traditional local restaurants like Trattoria Anna Maria. You haven't lived until you've experienced aperitivo, which is basically just snacks and wine, but it just seems to make sense in Italy to have a glass of wine just as lunch time is approaching! And while Europe has the city break market covered for Europeans if that's a bit too far, why don't you head to somewhere a little closer to home? Savannah, Georgia has got some fantastic architecture, but the food! There's nothing quite like tucking into a triple layer deli sandwich to kick off your day. And be careful if you're walking around in heels, as they can get stuck in the cobbles! And it would be a crime if we didn't mention New Orleans, the very definition of partying! Even if you don't like and marching jazz band, you can always head out to New Orleans to join the mardi gras crowds. At any other time of year, New Orleans is still bristling with life, with an abundance of nightclubs, bars, and cafes. Make sure you get some homemade Louisiana pie while you're there!

Want Some Adventure?
Have you had your fill of restaurants and bars? Maybe it's time to test your aptitude for adventure. Adventure vacations are usually an acquired taste. Sometimes we don't want to run ourselves ragged, but sometimes there are those people who have this attitude and come back feeling more rested and rejuvenated even though they've been climbing rocks and pushing themselves to the limit! This could be you! But, adventure vacations don't always mean excessive physical excursion. Safaris are one of the best ways to get out and experience some adventure while learning a little something about the world around us, but also, not getting yourself completely dirty! There are so many places you can go on safari, but South Africa is a hotspot for the best safaris in the world. You can go on safari in the Okavango Delta, and experience the various type of wildlife, from flora and fauna to fish and meet natives to the Delta, such as the Bugakhwe bushmen. If this is a bit too adventurous for you, you can head to the Southern Ocean Lodge based on Kangaroo Island in Australia. This is a great combination of adventure with plush surroundings. The guest rooms have floor to ceiling windows so you can see the beauty that surrounds you while enjoying a complimentary room bar, as well as the usual amenities, such as robes, and heated floors! On this island, you can get guided tours to explore the wildlife and sea creatures this place offers. The Southern Ocean Lodge also offers various treatments, a steam room, as well as a restaurant that makes the most of the best local ingredients and wines, meaning you've got an authentic Australian experience.

Need Some Downtime With Your Girls?
If all this talk of breaks sounds too tiring, maybe you just need to blow off some steam with your girls and find somewhere to have some quality downtime and maybe a few treats. If you're looking for some quality downtime with a slower pace, Sonoma in California is slap bang in the middle of wine country. You've got more than 130 vineyards to choose from, as well as many boutique properties for you to relax in. The West Sonoma Inn & Spa hosts various wine tastings, and the best of modern and classic spa treatments, meaning that if you don't want to, you don't have to leave the building! However, if you are wined out, you might want to hit the beach instead? Montauk in New York might have a reputation as a party beach town, but if you want to hit the beach and enjoy some proper sun time without bros and dudes ruining your tan, the Sole East Beach is a great choice. It's the only hotel in the area that is just across from the ocean, so you've got access to the beach, but it's also a couple of minutes down the road from some party spots, including the Sloppy Tuna. But if you want an authentic Sex In The City experience, maybe you should head to New York City and experience why is the greatest city in the world. With all of the various bars, cafes, and cultural landmarks, you won't get bored! Head into Brooklyn if you're looking for an authentically trendy and cool experience. There are so many rooftop restaurants so that you can witness the city in full flow while sampling a fantastic glass of chardonnay with your authentic pizza in a cup, or some light arancini starters, whichever you prefer!

Adventure, relaxation, or just some time out with your girls, there are no limits to what you can do! There so many fantastic weekends breaks available, but if you're looking for a bit longer, then spend some time away from home. We all need to come loose from time to time, so book a girl's trip, and get out there!

Handling The Hard Parts Of A School Day

Handling The Hard Parts Of A School Day

Life changes a lot for a stay at home parent when their child finally goes to school. Blessed with loads more free time, you finally have the chance to catch up on all of the jobs which have been mounting up over the last few years. Of course, though, despite this extra time, most moms and dads don't feel like things have gotten easier. Instead, a new set of challenges will arise, giving you loads to think about as this part of their life begins. Thankfully, while you will still be busy, it won’t be all the time, and it is easy to separate the day into the challenging areas.

Getting Up

Morning times can be one of the most daunting for parents with kids going to school. Needing more sleep than adult, but finding it much harder to relax and stay still, most children will be very sleepy in the morning. As one method to make this easier, you could think about rewarding your child when they get out of bed on time or as soon as they wake up. Spending too long comfortable in the morning makes it much harder to brace the day. Alternatively, you could also look into some special alarm clocks which for your child to be active as they wake up.
Getting Ready

Following on from getting up, a lot of children will do whatever they can to miss out on a day at school. Taking a long time with breakfast, getting dressed, and leaving the house will almost always result in being late for school. For this reason, a strict schedule should be maintained when they get up each day. In some cases, this may include having them eat breakfast in the car if they aren’t fast enough.
Doing Homework

You will have a lot of peace for a few hours while your children are studying, but the mood will be shattered when they get home. While they are still in the mood for learning, you have a great chance to get some homework done when they first get back from their lessons, and failing to use this time could see their grades slip by a huge margin. As a big part of this, being there to support your kids through this sort of work will make it easier for them, inspiring them to be more proactive with it.

Going To Bed

Finally, once they’ve eaten some food and had a chance to relax, it will quickly be time for them to put their heads down and go to bed. This is often the very hardest part of the day for parents, as you will be very aware of the importance of an early night for your child. With just a little bit of research, it should be nice and easy to find a really great guide or two to take you through this tricky part of the day. Along with this, you could also think about talking to a doctor if your kids seem to be struggling at night.

With all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier to start improving the time you have for this sort of work. In a lot of cases, it’s only a matter of making some small change to feel a big difference when it comes to your kids.

12 March 2018

Power Tips to Manage a Mortgage While Pregnant and Single

Being a single person offers a lot of perks, especially since the income you earn will most likely be for you alone or your immediate family. Bills can be less if you're living alone, as you only have to pay for one person.

However, if you're pregnant and you're single, a lot of things may come to mind: not only do you have to earn money for your expenses, but for your child’s expenses as well. Aside from preparing for your child's arrival, you also have to make sure your child's health during pregnancy is secure. If you plan on getting a house of your own through a mortgage, then tackling this loan and your own pregnancy expenses at the same time can be overwhelming.

But that doesn't mean managing the two are impossible. In this article, we’ll show you that while your problem may seem overwhelming, it's something that can be solved with time and proper planning. If you have the extra funding, seeking the help of a legal professional can aid you in understanding the legal intricacies of managing this situation.

Power Tips to Manage a Mortgage While Pregnant and Single

According to Finder, it's undeniable that single parents may have a harder time managing a mortgage, especially when there's a dependent like a child involved. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should stop from getting a mortgage entirely, especially if you think you are capable of pulling it off. A lawyer can help you in this situation. Click here to learn more about how legal assistance can be beneficial with this predicament.

In the meantime, read along for a few quick tips you could use:

Mortgage: Can You Pull It Off?

Interestingly, the question of mortgages as a single parent isn't whether or not you are capable of managing the mortgage, it's actually how much you are allowed to borrow based on your single income. Lenders will be more or less inclined to give you a mortgage if you are able to prove that you have sufficient income, and have other requirements that fit the credit criteria of the lender in question. However, just getting that mortgage approved won't pay for itself, and as such you need to approach this matter with a bit of finesse.

  • If you're unsure as to whether or not the mortgage you're planning on getting is the right one, don't hesitate to contact mortgage brokers in your area. They are trained professionals that can help you find the lenders that can be of most benefit when it comes to getting a home loan based on your status. They can also give you adequate assistance when it comes to finding lenders who can accept other sources of income, among other things.
  • Get copies of your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, and check if the information there is accurate. This is important, as you may have to get wrong information corrected as soon as possible or you risk getting rejected in your applications.
  • Before ever applying for a mortgage, assess just how much you can borrow based on how much you currently own. If you are capable of getting pre-approved for a mortgage, lenders may be able to give you a safe estimate on how much they can lend you.

Mommy Emergencies: What to Do If You Experience Medical Malpractice While Pregnant

Mommy Emergencies: What to Do If You Experience Medical Malpractice While Pregnant

Pregnancy is such a wonderful thing to happen to a woman, as this is a sign that she is soon to give the world a gift: a child. Childbirth is a painful process, but bringing your child into this world can be perhaps the most wonderful thing to occur in a woman's life.

Due to the sensitive nature of childbirth and pregnancy, it's only reasonable that pregnant women have to undergo a lot of tests and screenings to make sure the baby they're carrying is healthy and ready to take on the challenges life has to offer. This is why mommy emergencies such as medical malpractice while pregnant can be such a stressful thing to deal with.

When you're a soon-to-be mommy and you've realized that a medical malpractice has happened while you're pregnant, you have options available to you. If you're seeking immediate legal assistance even after giving birth, click here to get a lawyer with medical malpractice experience. If you're an expecting mother, however, and you're looking into precautions and reminders for certain situations, then you may read along to find out what to do if you experience medical malpractice while pregnant.

The Basics of Medical Malpractice During Pregnancy
According to Nolo, it may be important to first understand just what medical malpractice is in relation to a pregnancy. As the name implies, medical malpractice happens should medical staff, hospitals, or doctors act with a degree of negligence and caused harm in a number of ways. Acting negligently in this case means failing to use reasonable care towards a patient.

In the case of a pregnancy, malpractice happens if:
  • There is an injury to the child or the mother during the delivery of the child or throughout the pregnancy.
  • There is a wrongful birth, or a situation when the parents would have avoided or ended a pregnancy due to particular circumstances.
  • There is a wrongful pregnancy (when a pregnancy fails to be avoided)
These are just some of the instances when medical malpractice claims in terms of pregnancy can be claimed. A lawyer's advice on the matter may be helpful to analyze these issues on a case by case basis.