29 January 2015

Hold, carry and protect your child's gadgets with PawdPet.

Have you ever given your child your iPod or even their very own tablet to play with only to watch them accidentally or purposely in some cases drop it on the floor? Of course, you have and you are not alone. Thousands of modern parents are allowing their children to use and even own pricey devices. It is becoming very important to not only teach responsible usage but also protect these items from unexpected happenings. PawdPet allows you to hold, carry and protect your handheld devices or tablets providing piece of mind in these situations.

PawdPet is not only a preventive product, it is also an adorable one with a plush animal design. While many holders and cases sport a hard or soft shell, they can be not so attractive to our wee ones. In fact some styles can even be disruptive during use. The soft material that you find on PawdPet creates a lovable snuggle toy even when not actively in use.

Even if the cuddle appeal is not enough to support their Kickstarter campaign, the PawdPet also is packed with one additional feature that I can say is "awesomesause"!

You can place the device in the PawdPet's back pocket when not in use? And there is also a travel strap that makes on the go so much easier. Just think of how convenient this will make it to take their tablet along on the airplane or even in the car. I know for us, this would be a great solution for Low when we travel.

With your support, PawdPet will be able to cover the cost of their initial production run. At the Kickstarter goal, they are expecting completion by Spring 2015, just in time for summer travel deliveries.Their goal is to provide our customers with quality product that is cute, functional and practical.

To find out more about how to support the PawdPet Kickstarter Campaign and receive your PawdPet before they are available to the public visit, http://bit.ly/pawdpet.

21 January 2015

Ensure That Your New Home Is Supplied With Heat and Electricity

Buying a new home is one of life's greatest accomplishments for some. Along with this new addition comes the responsibility of maintaining the property to ensure that it is running properly and has all of the necessities. Electricity and a heat source are immediate areas that need to be dealt with when moving into a new home.

Almost everything we use today is powered by electricity. It is imperative that plans to have an electricity account set up for the date of the move-in are made. Otherwise, no food can be stored in the refrigerator and everyone's beloved socially connecting electronics won't be able to charge. Setting up this type of account is usually fairly simple with the help of a local utility company.

Depending on the season, ensuring that the heat is pumping through the home may be just as important and immediate of an issue. Not sure what type of heating source the home has? Utility companies like New York based Columbia Utilities will come to the property and explain how the boiler and such equipment works. Setting things up to get a new house warm are taken care of like that.

Electricity is usually an ongoing flow into the home as long as the account with the utility company is in good standings. Keeping the house warm, on the other hand, depends on the type of heat source that it requires. Maintaining communication with the company chosen about delivery of gas or oil is incredibly important to maintain a steady, uninterrupted flow of heat and comfort. As always, keeping the account up to date will help this as well.

As long as all new homeowners are aware of the fact that they need to plan electricity and heat sources before moving into a new house there will be no dark or cold surprises upon the arrival to their new investment. There's enough to deal with during moving into a new space anyway. It's almost completely necessary, especially in the colder months, to have these things set up for even the first day of occupying the space. Otherwise it could be an uncomfortable, instead of enjoyable, first night's experience in what should be a joyous time.

12 January 2015

The Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

Many homeowners are turning to salt water options for their swimming pools and hot tubs. This often occurs due to chemical allergies and intolerance that exist in family members and friends. It is also easier to entertain when a purer option is available for guests. The maintenance for salt water hot tubs is far simpler than a traditional, chemical-based option.

Chemical Free

Chemicals are harsh on your skin, the environment and the filtration system of the hot tub. Chemicals also deteriorate the material in your hot tub attire. An option without chemicals, while maintaining a clean body of water to relax in is what you can expect from a salt water hot tub.

The salt creates a sanitary body of water and constantly cleans it as the filters and pumping systems recycle the water.

Better for the Skin

Salt water is better for keeping the skin properly hydrated. It also poses no potential for irritation. Salt water is cleansing.

Another benefit of salt water is that there are no feelings of slimy residue left on the skin after indulging in the soothing, hot water. Your skin is left feeling soft and uncompromised.

Easier to Maintain

With the only requirements for maintaining a salt water hot tub being filter replacements and purchasing bags of salt, the process is easier. It is also less costly. A simple pH test should be performed once per week while the hot tub remains in use. This just shows owners that bacteria is not present and that the proper balance exists.

This helps prevent algae from forming on the interior surfaces.

No Harm to the Environment

When you use salt water instead of a traditional setup, no harmful chemicals are released in the air. For those with asthma and other breathing disorders, inhaling fumes from the chemicals used for maintaining traditional systems can result in a flare up. Switching to a salt water system removes all of those potential harms from the immediate environment.

Making the decision to switch to a healthier water system for the home hot tub brings positive results. Anyone entering the water can enjoy their time relaxing without worrying about itching, burning and irritation from the chemicals. Those with delicate hair won't have to worry about a green tinge from chlorine. It is an overall better option that is safe for every member of the family, including the family dog.

18 December 2014

Five Renovation Tasks That Will Increase Your Property Value

There’s a stack of renovation tasks you can undertake to add value to your property. There’s also a stack of renovation tasks you can do that can decrease the value of your property! Have you ever been to an inspection or open home where the renovations were obviously a poorly completed DIY job? It looks cheap, shoddy and worst of all, unsafe. Whenever considering a renovation project, always consider a licenced builder that you can trust, such as Additions Building, to bring your ideas to life.

So what are five renovation tasks you might consider, that will increase your property value? A wall-to-wall fish tank? Mirrors on the bedroom ceiling? Backyard micro-brewery? Read on to find out more.

New outdoor area

Without a doubt, a nice outdoor area lends itself to entertaining, enjoying the outdoors and lazy Sunday afternoons. It could be a veranda, patio or new undercover area that will add tremendous value and liveability to your home. Perfectly paved or boarded, well lit and ventilated with d├ęcor to match - imagine the returns a new outdoor area will bring to the value of your property.


Regardless if you’re living in the property or simply renting it out, a new kitchen will likely add both monetary and lifestyle benefits to your property. Just picture yourself in a new kitchen – gleaming stone bench-tops, stainless appliances, enough room in the morning for your coffee and your paper! A new kitchen can command an increase both rental returns and property value.

Living / Media Room

A living and media room is simply a must when considering renovations. The quality of home theatre systems these days is truly amazing. You’ll find most new homes have a media room (or at least, separate TV room) with an integrated screen and sound system. It’s truly an inexpensive way to increase the value of your property whilst giving you an opportunity to watch Star Wars in full 5.1 stereo!

Dual living opportunities

Regardless of where you live, there’s always someone looking for cheaper rental accommodation options. Many two-storey homes (or even homes on larger blocks that are suitable for a granny-flat) offer prime dual-living opportunities. Dual living not only increases the value of your property, but the rental income you receive in many cases more than covers any increase in lending you may incur in undertaking this project.

House extensions

If you’re in the perfect street in the perfect neighbourhood but have a house that’s just too small, why move? Consider a home extension. It could be extending up, out or even underneath. An extension adds live, value and liveability to a place you already love, allowing you and your growing family to enjoy it for many, many more years to come.

Have you completed any renovation projects recently? Did it all go well, or do you have a disaster story? Perhaps you’ve done lots of renovations and have your own ‘top five’ tips you’d like to share. Jot your thoughts in the comments, below.

Building a Holiday Home? Consider These Ideas

At some stage on their holidays, nearly everybody lingers in the window of a local real estate agent, dreaming about buying their own little slice of paradise in their favorite destination. If you've actually taken the step towards making your dream a reality and are thinking about building a holiday home, you’ll find some handy hints and ideas below.

Make It Low Maintenance

Even if the end goal is to retire at your beach shack or country cabin, chances are it may be a number of years before you can spend more than a long weekend or couple of weeks’ leave at your holiday home. Even if it is an easy drive from your residence, nobody wants to be spending all of of their leisure time on maintenance. When you’re planning the design consider how much time you can realistically spend at the property and work with your builders to come up with a stylish but low maintenance option; most experienced and reputable construction companies like Coral Homes take a flexible approach to tailoring solutions to suit your lifestyle and plans for the property.

Make Some Money On It

Holiday houses aren't always the most savvy investment in terms of building your portfolio and wealth. Even so, it may be possible to make some money on your holiday house. There are a number of websites that specialize in holiday letting – most of them let you set availability well in advance which means you can block out dates when you know you have leave booked or want to spend a special occasion in the property. Even if you do intend to market the property in addition to listing it on holiday letting pages, make sure that you are able to comfortably afford repayments in case of extended vacancies.

Have A Flexible Layout

Think about how many people could potentially be using the house at any time and try to furnish it accordingly. While bunks are the obvious solution for maximizing beds, think about selecting a configuration like a double bed on the bottom, single on the top so that the room is as suitable for adults as it is for children. If you can, purchase sofas with pull out beds for the living areas – they may not be comfortable enough to sleep on for a fortnight, but are great to help you squeeze more people in over one or two nights if you’re hosting a celebration at your holiday house.

Having your own property to return to anytime you need a break from the daily grind is the ultimate dream of many people. If you’re on your way to making it a reality, being creative in how you configure the rooms and making sure you don’t have to spend every weekend working on the place will ensure that you have a wonderful space to create memories with your family and friends for years to come.

What tips would you give to someone building a holiday home?