13 April 2017

Creating an Eco-Friendly Nursery

Earth Day is just around the corner and it’s a great time for parents and expecting parents to think about how they can make their nursery safe and healthy for baby. The folks at Lorena Canals, home of eco-friendly rugs for the home, have some suggestions for creating the perfect eco-friendly nursery for your baby.

Go Green with Bedding and Flooring: There are a few items in the nursery that are best purchased in organic cotton and eco-friendly fabrics and materials. Think mattresses, beddings, rugs, and paint. If flooring is optional, choose bamboo or hardwood over carpeting which contains allergens and chemicals. Carpeting is harder to clean and keep out dust and dirt. Choosing organic, eco-friendly products are free of toxic compounds and chemicals, and much better for baby.

The Perfect Palette: Babies respond better to soothing paint and nursery colors in a soft palette like greens, aqua blues and pale pinks. Paler colors are calming and help induce sleep. Bright, bold colors are patterns can be fun, but are stimulating, something to keep in mind when the purpose of a room is to sleep. When selecting paint, choose one free of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds containing carbon chemicals).

It’s Play Time: Designate a specific area to the room for reading, listening to music, snuggling and bonding in baby’s nursery. If you make an area for this, baby will soon learn that pleasant things happen here. This area could include a rocking chair, small child’s chair, a basket of toys, a bookshelf (anchored to the wall) or basket for books and a plush rug for the floor. Anywhere that you and baby can spend time awake together is perfect. Opt for an organic, hypo-allergenic rug like Lorena Canals since baby will be spending much tummy and play time on the floor.

The Ideal Feeding Area: There’s nothing like a nice glider or overstuffed chair with an ottoman for feeding baby. Daytime, and especially night time, feedings will be much more comfortable and relaxing in a great chair. Add a cozy pillow for your lower back and a nursing pillow to support your arm that holds baby. Whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding your little one, support and comfort for you is key. If you’re relaxed, baby will be too. Keep a basket nearby for items like burp cloths, baby wipes, books or magazines, extra pacifiers, and any other items you may require while feeding.

Time for a Change: Before you know it, you’ll be a quick (diaper) change artist like most parents. This can be a changing table or a dresser with a changing mat. Before purchasing a changing table, consider your needs beyond diaper changes and think about you can use this piece of furniture when your baby is out of diapers. Keep essentials like diapers, wipes and diaper cream close by so that the important things are always within arm’s reach. Invest in a high-quality diaper pail to place right next to the changing table to keep baby’s room smelling fresh.

The Importance of Air and Light: A few weeks before baby is expected to arrive, open the windows and air out the room, especially important if you’ve been painting and wallpapering. Lighting may not top your list of nursery needs, but it is no less important. It’s a great idea to have a night light or small lamp in the room to check on baby during the night and for middle of the night diaper changes and feedings. It’s also nice to have a lamp near the feeding and play area. Choose soft, less harsh lighting that’s soothing to baby. Make sure to place the crib away from the window as bright sunlight or street lamps may hamper baby’s ability to sleep.

Lorena Canals is the founder of the Spanish lifestyle brand by the same name and is making her eco-mark in the North America with gorgeously designed, eco-friendly and exceptionally-made, washable rugs and cushions in adorable shapes, designs and colors. They are also all natural, hypo-allergenic and functional. Lorena is a mom of two and has been designing and creating products for children’s rooms for 25 years.

10 April 2017

Take the School Breakfast Challenge: Munk Pack

Did you miss National School Breakfast Week (March 6-10)? We did too! Never fear as Iowa Mom is here to help you get back on track and get down to business with "Take the School Breakfast Challenge." This challenge was created to encourage parents, students and school officials to start their morning with a healthy breakfast. As a busy mom, I know how hard that can be. So, follow along as we offer a tip a day to get you off to school quick, easy and the healthy way.

Day one starts off with an on the go option since Mondays can be especially hard, oatmeal and fruit in a squeeze pack! When you're rushing to get the kids out the door, Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes are the perfect healthy, on-the-go breakfast. The ready-to-eat oatmeal fruit squeezes are packed with grains and fruit bites, and they're gluten-free, non GMO, vegan and high in fiber.

We do on the go packs often when heading on a roadtrip and event just to the park for a day. With that being said, not all are created equal. It took a lot of trail and error to find a selection that my wee ones would eat and do so gladly. I for one an excited to be able to add Munk Pack to that list. Even more so, that this option is full of grain and fruit making it a great choice for one and done breakfast moments.

Our youngest, Elliot, absolutely is wild about Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa. From silly faces to squeeze, he is all boy when it comes to breakfast. Always on the move, these are a great choice for those that have trouble sitting still long enough to eat a full meal before getting side tracked.

Oatmeal is our go to during the colder months. It is nice to be able to offer it with acceptance year round. Munk Pack helps me to do that. Maple Pear Quinoa offers a hint of pure maple syrup in every bite, while enjoying traditional oatmeal you know and love anywhere, anytime. Yay!

Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes are available in five delicious flavors, including Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Maple Pear Quinoa, Blueberry Acai Flax, Raspberry Coconut and Peach Chia Vanilla, they are gluten-free, non GMO, vegan and high in fiber.

12 March 2017

How To Make Your Business More Successful

How To Make Your Business More Successful

If business growth is one of your primary objectives for 2017, you should put your strategic plan together right now. Thinking and operating in a systematic, organized fashion can empower you to work in the effective, expedient way that makes expansion inevitable. Below you will find just three techniques that you can incorporate into your strategic plan in order to make your business successful this year:

1. Find A Great Disaster Restoration Company.

One great way to put your business on the road to success is by finding a great disaster restoration company. Taking this course of action will empower you to attain prompt, effective services in the event that a disaster transpires in the corporate setting. Companies like DKI are pleased to offer clients a diverse array of proven disaster restoration services, some of which include:

• Water, Fire and Storm Damage Restoration
24 Hour Emergency Services
• Mold and Environmental Remediation
• Tree Removal Services
• Contents Pack-Out
• Storage and Cleaning

2. Develop A Strong Online Presence.

In addition to finding the right disaster restoration company, make sure that you develop a strong online presence. Taking this course of action will empower you to interface with online audiences in a dynamic, organic way that can expedite the relationship-building process that leads to conversion. When you start looking for the ideal digital firm to create and optimize your online presence, try to choose a team of professionals who can offer all of the following brand-building services:

• social media optimization
• web design and development
• link building
• online reputation management
• target market research
• blog work
• keyword analysis

In addition to seeking out a team of digital experts who offer the aforementioned services, try to locate an online advertising firm that can also provide public relations services like crisis communications, press releases, and media kits.

How To Make Your Business More Successful

3. Focus On Employee Development.

One final strategy that will empower you to keep your business growing in 2017 is focusing on employee development. This approach is immensely important because it will ensure that you have the most skilled, confident employees working on your behalf. There are multiple strategies you can use to ensure that your staff members grow personally and professionally. One of them is by signing them up for training, workshops, and/or online educational courses that will sharpen their skill set.

Don't Delay: Start Moving Your Business Forward Today!

2017 can be your business's most successful year. If you're determined to make it happen, now is the time to start implementing business-building strategies that can take your company into a new dimension of excellence and prestige. Use some or all of the strategies outlined above to start moving your business forward today!

26 February 2017

PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Bunnies

Just in time for spring, Ryder, Chase, Rocky, Skye and the rest of the gang are back with PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Bunnies, a new collection of exciting adventures that releases on March 7, 2017. The number-one kids' TV on DVD franchise, this latest PAW Patrol collection features seven new heroic rescues, including a double-length mission to save Adventure Bay's Easter Egg Hunt. Fans can watch as the pups try to protect Farmer Yumi's vegetable garden, save Mayor Goodway's tulip garden, investigate the disappearance of the songbirds and look for the lost sheep.

PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Bunnies includes the following episodes:

  • Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt - At Adventure Bay's annual Easter egg hunt, the search for a special egg leads the PAW Patrol on an exciting adventure.
  • Pups Save the Bunnies - When hungry bunnies invade Farmer Yumi's farm, Ryder and the PAW Patrol must save his carrots from their furry friends.
  • Pups Get Growing - When fertilizer causes Yumi's crops to sprout humongous veggies, Ryder and the PAW Patrol must corral the stampeding produce before someone gets squashed.
  • Pups Save the Mayor's Tulip - Mayor Humdinger uses his Kit-tastrophe Crew to sabotage Mayor Goodway's perfect petals for the tulip contest, and night guards Rocky and Chase come to the rescue.
  • Pups Save a Stinky Flower - Mayor Humdinger drops off a gift, a flower that spreads a horrible stink when it blooms, to Mayor Goodway. When she tries to return it to him, she runs into trouble and has to be rescued by the PAW Patrol.
  • Pups Save the SongBirds - When all of Adventure Bay's songbirds go missing, super spy Chase leads the PAW Patrol on a mission to bring them home.
  • A Pup in Sheep's Clothing - The pups gear up and work together to find Farmer Al's missing sheep and catch the culprit who keeps letting them loose.
PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Bunnies

14 February 2017

Habits of Responsible Pet Owners

Being a good pet owner begins from the moment you start thinking about getting a pet, and carries through the rest of your lives together. Here are some key habits of responsible, effective pet owners, to help make your pet's life as enriched and happy as he makes yours:

Habits of Responsible Pet Owners

1. They do their research: Before even going to look for a pet, responsible owners determine the needs and constraints of their family and lifestyle. Do you have an active family with enough living space who can handle a breed that needs a lot of exercise, or would it make more sense for your lifestyle to get a pet that requires less activity? Do you have time to comb and brush your pet daily or would you prefer a pet that doesn't require as much grooming? It is important that you know these criteria before going to look for a pet so you pick one that is right for your family and don't just pick a pet based on its looks. Aside from pet research, effective owners are well prepared for the costs that go along with adding a pet to their family. Veterinary expenses are something you want to factor in as you choose your pet. In the early stages of life, costs of exams and shots should be fairly minimal, but you have to plan for any emergencies or the cost of having a senior pet. Emergencies along the way can also cost a significant amount of money, and as your pet gets older, the cost of veterinary care goes up. You can research the cost of pet insurance to see if it will be right for you and your new pet.

2. They give their pet lots of love and attention: Dogs love their humans and it is important for them to spend time with you. Leaving a dog alone in the back yard or for extended periods of time is not healthy for them. If you work long hours, hire a dog walker to get your dog out during the day for some exercise and companionship.

3. They see training as essential: Responsible owners know that training is essential to creating a happy and healthy environment for the whole family. To help new pets become comfortable in their new home, training is key not only for house breaking and to keep your furniture intact, but also to ensure your dog's safety. From training to never beg, bark or chew, training is the essential stepping stone to ensuring your dog is a well-behaved member of the family both inside and outside of the home.

4. They focus on nutrition: Nutrition is a big factor in a pet's life, and choosing the right food for your pet will help you keep your new furry friend in tip top shape. High quality food will nourish your dog more completely, bring your pup to a healthier weight, produce less waste, reduce shedding and result in a shinier coat. Although a higher quality food may seem expensive, your dog will eat less and be healthier.

5. They exercise their pets: A pet's daily exercise is very important for two reasons. Pets need daily exercise to keep in shape, as well as to keep bad habits at bay. Pets that don't get enough exercise are more likely to get into bad habits to try to release some of their energy, including barking, chewing and digging. Exercise is also critical to pets so that they maintain healthy joints and bones. Good pet owners will make sure their dogs get a brisk 20-30 minute walk a day to get their energy out.

6. They know socializing is essential: Pets need their people, and interacting with your pets on a daily basis helps keep them feeling like part of the family. Whether it is a fun activity like playing ball or just some good quality petting time (which is proven to reduce a human's blood pressure), this will help your pet stay happy and healthy. An effective owner will also prepare their pets for other interactions with animals; keeping your dog socialized will help keep bad behavior at bay.

7. They educate children on how to interact with your dog properly: If you have children, teach them the proper way to interact with your dog. Most dog bites occur with kids under 12 years old, so educating yourself, as well as your kids, on the proper way to be around their four-legged family member is a must.

8. They get their pets microchipped: Responsible owners get their dogs microchipped and make sure they wear an ID tag with their contact information on them at all times. On average, 80-85% of dogs and 98% of cats that go missing will not return home, but proper ID tags and microchips help to increase the likelihood of a reunion with a lost pet.

Tips courtesy of the experts at Camp Bow Wow.