14 November 2018

3 Common New Parent Questions

Almost every new parent knows the feeling: It’s 2 a.m., you’re bleary-eyed and you want nothing more than everyone to get some sleep. However, you’re up, and so is your new baby.

Though most parents wish their little one could tell them what’s keeping him or her awake, sometimes there’s no clear answer.

To help parents who are looking for answers to the questions that keep them awake, including those regarding poop, sleep and tummy time, the experts at KinderCare, who’ve been caring for new babies for almost 50 years, offer this advice. 

3 Common New Parent Questions

1. Why is my baby’s poop a weird color?

Flash back to before your baby was born: You probably never imagined you’d be searching the internet for answers to questions about poop. Yet here you are, and many new parents know how you feel.

When you have questions about poop, however, you may find there’s an app for that. Many apps also track sleep, feeding, pumping, weight and more, making them useful tools to add to your new-baby starter kit.

If you see a change in your baby’s poop, track it. It might be no big deal, but it’s easier to remember what happened a week or even a day ago when you have all the data right at your fingertips. Also remember, if you see anything out of the ordinary, it’s worth a quick call to your doctor’s on-call nurse hotline to make sure it’s nothing to worry about.

2. What’s the big deal about tummy time?

You’ve probably read how important tummy time is for developing your baby’s muscles to get ready for all of the crawling, rolling, scooting, sitting and walking ahead. While your baby’s back is still the safest place for him or her to sleep, awake and supervised tummy time is important, too.

Tummy time doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Talk to your doctor to see what’s recommended for your baby. Though tummy time can be any time, you might be more successful right after a nap or diaper change when your baby is well-rested and comfortable.

If your baby just won’t take to tummy time, try making it fun with toys and make sure you’re getting down on the floor to play, too!

3. What if my baby just won’t go to sleep?

It’s never easy to hear your baby cry, but Dr. Elizabeth Super, a pediatrician and children’s sleep specialist with the pediatric sleep medicine program at Oregon Health & Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, has some advice for sleep-deprived parents.

According to Super, by around 6 months of age, many babies no longer need a middle-of-the-night feeding and are ready to start learning how to self-soothe. However, about 25 percent of 1-year-olds still have problems waking up in the middle of the night.

“They should be sleeping through the night and can be doing it, but it’s very common that they’re not,” Super said. “Know that lots of kids have sleep issues, and sleep issues will come and go as they grow.”

In other words, if your baby has trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s important to choose an approach that fits your family. That might mean adjusting your schedule to accommodate an earlier baby bedtime (Super recommends 7-8 p.m.) or coming up with a simple bedtime routine like taking a bath, brushing teeth, reading a book, and going to bed.

For answers to more questions that can keep new parents awake, visit kindercare.com.

12 November 2018

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

Losing weight to better your health and appearance happens with commitment, drive and a good diet and fitness plan. However, one general fitness plan doesn't fit the needs of everyone. Your fitness plan should be tailored to your lifestyle to see real results and weight loss instead of frustration. There are several tips an aspiring person can follow to find their niche achieve successful weight loss and be anxiety-free.

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

Your successful fitness plan should involve at least five days of week of at least one hour of physical activity, but nobody should start cold turkey. In fact, you may find that you body is unprepared for the stress it may place on your muscles to get back to business. Using CBD Capsules as part of your fitness plan will help reduce the pain and stress of your new routine.

To find your customized fitness plan, you need to find out how much exercise you can tolerate. Start off with quick 30 minute aerobic exercises about three nights a week in the evening. You can turn walks around the neighborhoods into jogs and aerobics into full-hour workouts as you get comfortable with your new fitness plan - but the idea is to raise your heart rate with good cardio and strenuous exercise when you're ready.

As you start burning calories and gaining muscle, complementing your new fitness routine with a healthy diet will help you see the results you're striving for. For many this can increase your stress level. After all, taking away some of the things you would turn to after a long day is hard. You may find that you need CDB for anxiety while you adjust to your new lifestyle. 

Tips for Using CBD Capsules to Look and Feel Your Best

It's best to eliminate the unhealthy habits from your lifestyle, such as smoking, fast food, carbonated drinks and foods high in sugar and fat. The best foods to eat with your new exercise routine are those high in fiber and protein and low in fat. Protein will help you build muscle. 

It'll be easier to lose weight and keep it off as you become accustomed to a new diet, but a strict diet that leaves nothing to enjoy won't give you much motivation. Allow yourself to one day a week to eat your favorite foods in moderation to keep yourself committed to your new goals.

Along with the need for a healthy diet, you'll need to make sure you're taking in an adequate amount of nutrients. It's important not too diet too hard, or you could be malnutritioned. If you're losing key nutrients through your diet and exercise, some vitamin supplements can help even you out or even provide you with a boost for your health and weight loss efforts. Vitamins can restore your energy, muscle and joint strength, stamina and more. There is also plenty of other supplements to help restore your electrolytes and energy, such as Vitamin B-12, iron and ribose.

Keep in mind that starting slowly and finding the perfect fitness plan for you is the ultimate goal. Combined with a diet and the right supplements can put you on the track to success and help you reach the goal weight you've set for yourself.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

Days filled with business meetings, after school activities, and household responsibilities don’t leave much time for anything else. Unfortunately, spending all of your time working and neglecting yourself can lead to frustration and burnout. There is a solution, though.

Imagine enjoying a day full of pampering and indulgence at a day spa; this may be the perfect way to squeeze a mini vacation into your busy schedule. Scheduling your own time out at a spa can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and just what you need to get back into motion. Enjoy a few tips for choosing day spa services that use hemp cream and will fit your schedule and satisfy your needs perfectly.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

#1 – Decide Which Treatments You Want to Enjoy

Some mini-spas may not provide all of the treatments that full-service spas can offer. If you are hoping for a manicure and a pedicure, then a small salon can be just right. However, if you want a full day of luxurious pampering, then you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of services on the “menu”.

You may want to ask about these treatments:
  • Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy
  • Meditation sessions
  • Yoga
  • Facials and body wraps with Hemp Moisturizers
  • Stone massages
  • Hair, makeup, and nail services
  • Services for men

#2 – Verify that the Spa Has Met State Licensing Requirements

The laws and regulations governing spas vary from state to state, but you can find out the specific requirements for your state by visiting the website for your Attorney General. Armed with this information, ask each potential spa for verification that they have met all requirements. It may be easier for you to relax knowing that spa staff members have passed background checks and have the educational background to perform spa procedures correctly. You may also rest easier knowing that the spa routinely passes health inspections.

Tips for Choosing a Great Day Spa that uses Diamond HEMP Skincare

#3 – Expect a High Standard of Cleanliness

Think of the spa treatments that you are looking forward to the most: massages, facials, saunas, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and more. All of those treatments will be much more enjoyable when you know that you are relaxing in a safe and sanitary environment. In order to set your mind at ease, take a visit to the spa before you set an appointment. Many spa facilities are willing to provide you with a tour and to answer your questions about cleanliness and health standards.

#4 - Remember the Reason for Your Day at the Spa

As you plan your mini-vacation, there are a few things that you should try to avoid:

  • Taking work with you – leave your cell phone, pager, laptop, and any other work at the office!
  • Setting unreasonable goals – your spa trip is not about slimming down, buffing up, or erasing wrinkles; you are there to relax and recover from your day-to-day stresses.
  • Purchasing unplanned products – if you hadn’t planned to purchase the expensive products beforehand, then try to resist purchasing them on a whim. By keeping within your planned budget, you’ll be more likely to return later.
Remembering that your purpose at the spa is to recover from the pressures of your daily life will help you to avoid the distractions that might undermine the rejuvenating effects of your day of indulgence.

#5 – Ask about Choosing Your Own Therapist

Your comfort should be the top priority of the spa staff. If you want to choose a male or a female therapist in order to feel the most comfortable while at your vacation spa, then find out beforehand if the spa will make that choice available.

Tips for Using CBD for Pets When Traveling During the Holidays

It is time to start planning that holiday travel. But what do you do with your pets? Leaving them at home for extended periods of time is a clear no-go. You can hire a pet sitter but as a loving owner, the separation can be too much on your and your pet if you plan to be gone for a long time. There are other solutions including doggie daycare and even taking your pet on the road with you. To get you started off in the right direction, here are our top tips for traveling with pets during the holidays.

Tips for Using CBD for Pets When Traveling During the Holidays

Introducing the Carrier or Crate

Pets have a hard time dealing with change and even confinement. I think this maybe true for all living creatures on Earth. Be sure to purchase and introduce the carrier or crate to your pet at least a month before travel. This will allow your pet time to get comfortable with this new area and lessen the chances of a bad experience when you head to your next destination. Try giving CBD for pets first then add their favorite blanket and toys. Then place him or her in the carrier and gradually lengthen the stay. With daily training your bet should seem at ease in its new space within no time.

Taking to the Air with Your Pet

If you planning to fly this holiday season and plan to take your pet along for the ride, it is important to check the airline for their requirements. Some will allow a well-trained animal to sit with you or beside you during the flight. Some require you to crate your animal for traveling below. Almost always larger dogs will fly in a crate in the cargo, and smaller dogs that fit into a carrier can fly with you in the cabin.

You also need to consider the amount of stress a flight may place on your pet. Many of us are nervous when flying and it makes sense that your pet will be as well. Think about this - they don't leave the house as much as you do. They can be easily stressed over new areas and situations. And now you are taking them aboard an airplane with strangers and weird surroundings.

We suggesting using Cbd for Dogs to help lessen your pet’s anxiety and pain before and during the flight. This will help keep them stay calm as they are exposed to load noises and new surroundings. Also leaving your pup in a better mood upon arrival.

Road Tripping with Your Pet

Hitting the road with your pet is often a better solution when traveling for shorter distances during the holidays. Keep in mind that car safety is still as important as ever. We want your pet to arrive happy, whole and both of you safe after your long drive.

Consider where your pet will be in the vehicle. We encourage you to make use of a carrier or crate while driving but never put them in a trunk or truck bed. If that is not and option and you want your canine to sit on the seat, invest in a dog seatbelt. Yes, they do make them and you need one! This allows your dog to move around while still providing restraint in the case of an accident.

If you have an SUV, look into a custom gate that keeps your pet in one area. This will restrict them from being able from jumping from the back to the front. Think of the distraction dealing with a moving object while behind the wheel. A gate is a great solution for providing a safe road tripping with your pet.

Another practice to heed is feeding your pet five or six hours before traveling. Pets tend to have weak tummies and experience care sickness. By providing their food in advance this will lessen the chances of your pet becoming ill in the car. Also be sure to skip the treats while on the road. Even though as an owner we want to reward good behavior, it is best to wait till you have reached your final destination for the day.

Tips for Using CBD for Pets When Traveling During the Holidays

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Finding a pet-friendly hotel when taking your pet on a holiday road-trip can be more difficult than it sounds. May of us just think that most hotel chains allow pets. You would think so considering you are a paying customer but this is not the case. Most network hotels allow pets but you will want to call in advance.

You also need to consider good pet habits when booking your stay in a pet-friendly hotel. They do not allow your pet to be left in the room alone for extended periods of time. So no going out to see that local art museum while your pet is chilling in the room. While you may know they are well-behaved, the hotel still has rules in place that apply to all pet overnight stays. Be sure you check those out so that no unexpected charges appear upon check-out.

Another good habit is feeding and bathroom breaks on schedule. Staying to your normal routine is key for your pet when on the road. You as an owner should always be prepared to stay neat and tidy by picking up after yourself and your pet while staying as an overnight guest in a hotel as well as with friends and family.

Taking your pet when traveling during the holidays is no different than taking along a child. They require attention, thought and safety during your travels. Be sure to provide them with things to help them stay calm and happy while on the go. In the end, you all will arrive happy and ready to experience everything the holidays have to offer.

How CBD Oil, Diet, Exercise, and Confidence Are Connected

Do you struggle with not feeling confident? You are not alone. Confidence is an issue that even the most powerful individuals have to work at. While therapy and coaching can help, it may also be of benefit to address your diet and exercise schedules.

The Connection

When you eat well and exercise, it may help boost your self-confidence. Why? Here are some thoughts.

How CBD Oil, Diet, Exercise, and Confidence Are Connected

Body Image

While exercising won't necessarily result in the perfect body, it does tend to give you a sense that you are being proactive about your health. You're doing the right thing and working toward getting fit. Recognizing this - even if you can't get rid of those love handles - can help you feel more confident in yourself. Taking advantage of the benefits of CBD Oils may help deal with some pain and anxiety plaguing you along the way as well.

Mood Food

The food you eat can affect your mood, sources say, which in turn affects your confidence. Low blood sugar can cause you to feel grouchy and easily annoyed, and a diet high in sugar may contribute to depression (the ultimate in low confidence!). Lean protein combined with complex carbohydrates is a winning combination.


Exercise stimulates your body to produce endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help you feel good. These substances play a role in relieving depression and improving mood.

Energy level

If you're struggling with self-confidence, feeling sluggish doesn't help. Exercise and a healthy diet are key elements to feeling energetic and, ultimately, confident. Switching to CBD Vape Oil will also help curb some of the elements that cause pain and stress. While essentially help you calm while you continue to increase your energy level.

How CBD Oil, Diet, Exercise, and Confidence Are Connected

Vitamins and Minerals

Your confidence is affected by how you look and feel, and getting the right vitamins and minerals is important for things like teeth, skin, and hair. When these aspects of your appearance are healthy and at their optimum, it helps you feel better about yourself.

Specifically, some vitamins and minerals are directly implicated in improving mood and, consequently, confidence. These include B-complex vitamins and Vitamin D. In fact, fat-soluble Vitamin D is sometimes used by medical professionals to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). When you are getting the right amount of key vitamins and minerals, you are much more likely to feel confident in yourself.


When your energy and confidence levels are up due to exercise and diet, you are much more likely to be more productive in work, school, and relationships. And this becomes a positive cycle - increased productivity boosts your confidence even more.

Positive Effects

If you begin to exercise and eat healthfully, you may find yourself looking better - you may experience weight loss, better muscle tone, and healthier skin. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see can go a long way toward boosting confidence!